Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Roller coaster down... sleep days enter.

Sunday & Monday I was up early and to bed late. I exercised and did errands. I cooked and cleaned.

Tuesday- I felt sickly and fevery all day. I slept late into the morning, and then went to sleep again at 5pm! That is, 5pm for all night.
Today, Wednesday, I woke in the morning to see Dov off to a camping trip with his class. They are going up north, coming back Thursday.
I stayed up for a little while this morning, then felt dizzy and light-headed. I went back to bed bed.
I slept straight through until 2:45. Lucky, because I had to get Shifra at 3:15! I hadn't set an alarm, Hashem woke me at the right time.

I don't know how much sleep that is, but it is *a lot*.
I am still tired, but I actually only have two kids home with me this evening, so I decided to take them out to dinner so I won't have to cook & clean up.

That is where we are headed now... to a little place that has great food. :-)

One of my favorite babysitters said to me: sleep is healing.
Sleep is healing.

I am healing. My body metabolizes lots of medicines every day, and I am healing.
Tomorrow is my MRI.

I am being good to myself.

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  1. Enjoy your dinner! (If you haven't already been there and back by now. LOL)