Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Sissy" is so out of there. Read the comments. :-)

Wow, lots of comments from that last post. I love it so much! Keep them coming. You have no idea how this all helps me... It takes me out of isolation. My thoughts turn into real conversations with real people, and the problems take on a much more manageable persona.

I encourage you to go back to the last post and read through the comments.
At the very least, you'll be introduced to some very special people in my life.

Plumbing: Flowing once again, thanks to Peglax. I just have to remember to keep taking a dose every few days. It isn't a laxative, actually, contrary to the name. It is very clever in that it is a powder which you put into a drink of any sort, and it causes the drink to not be absorbed through the intestinal tract. It goes straight through to the intestines, making whatever is in it's path... soft. You drink a few doses, everything gets very soft, and that resolves the problem. I can deal with this for the next while. At least it isn't a harsh laxative, or worse, and it isn't another medicine.
Incidentally, a friend suggested a medicine which was created for the specific purpose of correcting constipation in people who are taking opiates ("Relistor"). This is a known problem. I looked into that medicine, and at first it looked fantastic; perfect for me. Then I saw that it isn't for people with kidney problems. That takes me out of the running. I didn't even get to the point of talking with my doctor about it. I'll stick with the Peglax.

Sleeping: I plan on trying the "upper" pill if I want to be moving on a "down" day. I have to try it to stop being scared of it. It may be a good thing, right? I won't know unless I try. I'll let you know.

(right kidney hurting quite a bit today. Robert's theory is that it is the pressure from the intestines. I hope that is all it is).

Tomorrow: I see my two "healthy soul" doctors. The psychiatrist, and the psychologist. I have to give the update t the psychiatrist about the Lamictal weaning success (or near success). We need to talk meds. That should be fun. With my psychologist I talk from the heart about these things I grapple with; actually about everything. It's good.

Going to sleep....

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  1. I'm so glad "sissy" is gone. You are very right that person is in a very different space and also had very different problems. I'm praying for you to find a solution to today's pain/problems, and as you've said, let the future evolve as it will. I'm also looking forward to the future and being able to look back at where you WERE and be able to see all the baby steps that brings you to a better future. Hugs!