Monday, January 30, 2012

Notes on The Day before.

I am in "doing" mode. If I think about it too much, I won't be able to do. Thinking would get me stuck.

My paperwork is in order, and my bag is packed. I procrastinated *so much* this evening, I am thoroughly exhausted. Truthfully, I was totally exhausted at 5pm (well, all day actually), but I couldn't rest. There is so much to take care of before a mother can leave her house of four kids. We are training a new babysitter which is *great*. So, I'll have our current babysitter for three weeks, and the new one will take over after she leaves. It is a nice situation, Baruch Hashem. There were so many phone calls today from well-wishers, and there was [trying to] train the new babysitter, and not having dinner made until almost 7, and so much talking. "Ima!" "Ima!" "Ima, Ima, Ima" coming at me from every direction, from every kid, at every minute. They know I'm leaving.

I have a 7:30am train to Tel Aviv tomorrow, then I'm meeting my sister-in-law at the train station so we'll go together to the hospital. I am really glad she'll be able to come with me. Robert will come later in the evening and then sleep over because surgery is in the morning (Tuesday). Robert's brother (otherwise known as my brother-in-law, other half of sister-in-law) is sleeping over with the kids. Then Tuesday night each child will have a sleep-over with a friend, and nobody will be at the house. Robert will actually be staying over two nights, which is awesome for me.

After that, it's babysitters and Robert (home when he's home). He'll come to Tel Aviv I guess on Thursday, possibly to take me home, possibly not, we don't know yet. I may be there until Friday, but if so I am almost positive I'll come home Friday. The surgery is arthroscopic, it is minimally invasive, not usually requiring a long hospitalization. We'll see.

Going to a recovery/rehab facility is up in the air, but I am leaning toward no. It is hard on everyone when I'm not home. Although, I am torn. I feel that I need some quiet time afterward; it's been such a long, arduous road. This will be my seventh surgery in 4 1/2 years. [I wonder if it will always feel so... so... outrageous/shocking/impossible/incredible, (pick your adjective), that this is my life I am writing about. Like... what???].

I want to be taken care of. I want a place that will give me meals and have a nurse or other type of helper be there at the ring of a bell. But, the reality is that my children are still young, and in this phase of life, it can't be all about me. It has been hard on them. It has been hard on Robert. Oh, Lordy, don't get me started down this road.

We'll see what happens.
We'll see what happens.
Robert will update when he can.

I will see you soon.
I have a new desk which I really adore,
so I have to get back to writing soon!!!
B'ezrat Hashem.
Sarah Rachel Bat Tova.


  1. Sending you prayers tumbling over the seas and rained down from Shamayim tomorrow...
    BEH the surgery should go smoothly, the recovery should be speedy and painless, there should be nary a ripple in the logistics for the kids while you are both out of the house, and you should have a REFUAH SHELAIMAH BNEFESH VBGUF, BKAROV!
    Wishing you lots of love,
    Devorah and Family
    New Joisey, USA

  2. Best wishes for tomorrow! There will be a lot of prayers and some Torah learning too for you.


  3. dear sarah, sending you many hugs and brachot for a complete refua shlaima! we will all be davening and thinking of you and your family in the coming days. rochel.

  4. Best wishes for a complete refua shleima.