Wednesday, February 1, 2012

There's no place like home.

I'm home. One day after surgery, and I'm home. It certainly wasn't in the plan this way, was it?!

I honestly have no strength to write and to think coherently at the moment, just to say that the surgery was very successful, Baruch Hashem. The orthopedist/surgeon (Dr. Rath) said that he went all around the entire hip and saw no PVNS at all. He then fixed the Labrum, which is the cup that holds the ball joint in the hip. It was broken and torn, so that is why the bone was impinged. The ball couldn't stay in the socket because the cup was torn. The cup is made of cartilage, like the nose, for instance. Having that cup broken for so long and having the joint slip out of the socket all the time was like walking on a broken nose with each step. No wonder it hurt!!!

It's all fixed. Thank the Good Lord.
I am going to sleep now, I'm so exhausted.
I have lots more to say, but no strength. Not today.
Maybe tomorrow!


  1. YAY!
    Lots of Love!
    from Dev in NJ


    Great to hear the results, Oh Brave One. Rest Up. Much love, Shari

  3. Oh Sarah! Baruch Hashem! I’ve been thinking about you so much and am so grateful for the good news. Bless you for writing.

    (Remember I owe you a visit…)

    Lots of love,


  4. So happy to hear that you are home! Rest well, and refuah shleima! Hope to hear more and more good news BE"H. Ya'akov was so sweet with me at school this week. You should have continued nachas from all of your children. Enjoy your sweet home! Enjoy your sweet kids! May you have more and more joy from home and family and less and less need for pain meds! It made my day to hear that you're at home.
    Darlene Illouz

  5. Great news. Now pretend you've gone to a rest home and let everyone wait on you!
    Bev Tamar

  6. That was a seriously fast trip. I'm very glad to know you have some effective pain meds. Enjoy and be well.
    Edna Oxman

    1. The trip was too fast, in my opinion. It was crazy-- they told me to leave slightly more than 24 hours after major hip surgery. The hospital is operating at 200%, and has no room for anyone. They sent in a physical therapist to work with me for 15 minutes, and then decided "OK, you know how to walk with crutches, you can pee on your own, see ya! good luck!"... we paid 1000 shekels to get a private ambulance to take me home, I can't sit in a car. It is nuts. *BUT* having said all that, I have a beautiful bedroom, and my kids can see me here. I just wish I had a nurse standing by.
      I'll make it... with a little help from my friends... :-)

  7. sounds like everything went smoothly. All things being equal the worst place to be is in the hospital-too many germs so TAKE IT EASY and get better fast.
    Tzippi Cheryl Pellat

  8. great that you are home! keep strong - you'll be up and around in no time. b'ezrat hashem

  9. hooray! boruch hashem you are after the operation, and on the way to good health!thank you so much for writting and keeping us posted. rest up well over shabbat. sending you hugs and warmth. shabbat shalom, rochel.

  10. Welcome home Babe-will come with something choclatey today
    Kenneth Quinn

  11. Refuah shlema and happy recovery! May you go only up from here
    Sharón J Benheim

  12. I'm so relieved to hear this! I am sending up continual prayers for quick healing and minimal pain.

  13. Dear Sarah,

    Just wanted to wish you a refuah shlema and a shabbat shalom! I'm in total awe or shock that this was a problem that could actually be fixed but that it took so long to find this out and all the pain you had to endure in the meantime. and for how long?? It is just mind boggling. Let's hope this is the beginning of a full or as close as you can get to it recovery!

    Love to you and all the family,


    1. yes, Hadassa, I know. This problem is been getting worse over the years since my PVNS surgery. The same surgeon did the PVNS surgery and didn't see any impingement problem at that point. I think it started afterward when I so vigorously did all the hydrotherapy, albeit with pain. Nobody ever told me to stop; quite the opposite-- that it is good for me, even though it hurts.
      My main message is "Listen to me when I say something's wrong!! Take me seriously when I take lots of pain meds just to get out of bed! I *know* my body." It has happened time and time again that aI wasn't taken seriously and I was written off. "We don't always understand pain"... well guys, trust the people who have it and find out why. That's what *I* have to say.