Friday, February 17, 2012

Finally an update! Two+ weeks after surgery

When one crutch falls, I have to figure out how to get it if nobody is around.

I am tired. There is so much of having to figure out everything.
Everyone needs things, and I need rest, but I can't always rest.
I don't even know what to write about... I am tired a lot, I often don't feel good, and my leg hurts.
I haven't wanted to write... there has been lots of rest/sleep (good), and some emailing, but mostly I have been feeling very passive, reading people's facebook updates, a very passive (but sometimes interesting) thing to do. I am reading real books with my time, too, that has been really nice.

Being on crutches is tiring. The leg hurts, and it has been hard-- I can't bend it more than 90°-- I think Dr Rath put an alarm system in there for whenever I do pass that 90° angle-- it hurts!! So bending down is a problem, but Robert got me this simple, mechanical picker-upperer thing that I can use. It is very cool!
I even need a special seat on the toilet that has a ramp for my left leg so it won't get to that angle. They thought of everything!

I have had lots of visitors, and that has been *great*!! I really love when people come over and sit with me. Maybe that's also why I haven't been writing; every little thing tires me out, and so many real people have been filling my life with goodness!
There have been some real Angels... one comes swooping in frequently and does all our laundry. Another also swoops in and sees to it that I have wonderful, tasty, healthy, fresh food every day. Those two Angels tend to hover at the top of the list. :-)
Another angel has been arranging dinners to be brought to the house daily for the family. This is incredible. Then there are those who are *making* those dinners every evening... too many to mention, but you know who you are, and THANK YOU!!!

There really are miracles and wonders in our world.

Like this surgery-- so much was done with only making three holes in my thigh. *THAT* is amazing. He took out tons of cartilage and scar tissue; everything written on the release form is too long to read, they did so much for the joint. The ball part of the bone was shaved down, and the cup that holds it into the joint was fixed. All with three little holes, three centimeters each. No wound to heal, less chance for infection. The holes are all scabbed over now, and looking less bruised. The skin graft, which was almost black with blood pooling behind it, has cleared up to almost it's regular color already.  It is just a miracle, really.

I just hope when all the crutches and physical therapy are done, I can walk without pain!!!!
It's gonna be a long road though-- maybe up to six months before we know.

My first big outing since the surgery was a few days ago, when we went to Tel Aviv for my two-week post-op check-up.
Dr. Rath was very pleased with how the joint is healing.
I was lying on my back, he picked up my leg this way and that, and I yelped, screeched, yelled 'stop!', and he said "good!". I said that all that stuff he did just hurt like crazy, and that is *good*? He said "listen, you are two weeks after surgery, of course it's going to hurt! I wanted to check how the joint is moving, and from my point of view, it is moving great."

He answered all my questions, and it seems like things are going as they should. Baruch Hashem!!

I do have another few stories about that day-- it was pretty crazy with bureaucratic stuff and misinformation that almost sent us back on the highway going back to Be'er Sheva. But, it is almost Shabbat, and I want to get something out, even though it's not my best piece of writing :-). DB- your comment spurred me on to get something out. Love you!!!

I love all of you who are reading and thinking of me and davening for me!!!! It is awesome, really. Sometimes too awesome to write about.

Shabbat Shalom!!


  1. It's good to hear from you. I know this isn't easy for you. Glad to know you are making progress, and I'm sure this will continue - with a little help from your friends. I'm thinking of you.
    Edna Oxman

  2. OH Sarah! Thank you for sharing all your details. Whether sleepy or in pain (which Gd willing will pass) you are a joy to read and an inspiration. Did you realize that you are an inspiration?
    It is a relief to stop and take a moment of hearing it 'real' when I see Chronicles of.... appear in the subject line.

    Much love and healing, Shabbat Shalom, Shari

  3. Thanks for the update. Just to be sure - this means that when you fell & it bent "too far" - no damage was done? (i hope). Glad you're getting good reports from the doctor and that you're on the road to recovery!

    1. Yes, he said it is too early to tell if any damage was done. Time will tell, if the joint is still slipping out of the socket or not.
      Next visit in two months, and I'm to come with x-rays.

      thanks for being there!


  4. Keep on truckin’!
    Don’t feel you must blog all the time – your faithful fans know you are just recovering from surgery.
    Refuah sheleima.
    Thanks for keeping us all in the loop – when you can.
    I visualize you dancing in heels – and smiling!


    1. that's a great visual!! Thanks!

      It is somehow difficult for me to blog. So many things are so complicated now, I just need a break from thinking hard, you know?

      thanks for your words, always. :-)