Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Another setback

I'm going to have to detox from chocolate at some point, but not now.

Many people have written to tell me to make sure I take care of myself while I'm here in the States. Well, that is very challenging for so many reasons. Partly because my father is in more trouble than I am with his hip. He can't get his hip replaced until he has a month free of ICU (for infection reasons). He won't *get* a month free of ICU unless my mother has a miracle recovery and comes home, or if she passes. Either way we are talking about lots of time, and he is very crippled and can hardly walk. So, that being said, I wind up doing things that I wouldn't find myself doing at my home. I *can* walk on the leg, gingerly, but I am so much more comfortable with the crutches. I feel it needs just a little more time, and going premature I hope won't cause too much problems. At this point, I don't have much choice.

The update on my Mother is not good.
She got another dangerous bacterial infection a few days ago, in the hospital. It is called, for short, c-diff, and the explanation for anyone curious is here. She got it because she was getting very large doses of antibiotics for a long time. At some point, the proper flora and fauna of the stomach gets very thrown off, and in cases of very long term usage of the antibiotics, the stomach becomes a perfect breeding ground for these bad bacteria to thrive. Now with the C-diff going on, she is getting even **More** antibiotics for that. It is exhausting every bone in her body.

I know antibiotics are miracles, but it's not enough here.

My mother just became an *even sicker* woman. She was so weak today, after yesterday opening her eyes a tiny bit, and responding to us with definitive nods yes & no. She even lifted her hands to wave goodbye. It was very encouraging. But today, the third day with this bacteria, she is sicker. She faintly nodded at my questions. Mostly she just lied there with tubes and wires all over her.

I went out tonight with my friends. We are long-time friends, so getting together is always very special.

I am so exhausted, I just slept for at least an hour. I am closing up here.

Please daven (pray) for Tova Bat Sheindl.
And do something special for a mother today in her honor.  thank you!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear all the bad news, and wish for a miracle for you.
    We enjoyed Shifra's company all yesterday afternoon. She's a delightful little girl.

  2. Sarah,

    Let me jump on the take-care-of-yourself parade! Its important. What hospital is your mother in?

    1. Glen Cove Hospital in Long Island- on the North Shore. Wanna Come? It'd be nice to see you, even with the bad circumstances.

  3. Hang in there!

    Love, Miriam

  4. Oh honey -
    Love and love and love is sent your way.

  5. Sarah -- I have read your entries on several occasions and always offer prayers for you and your family. I am glad you are able to be with your family at this sad time. Kate

  6. thinking of you. bsorot tovot

  7. So sorry to hear so much is going on.