Tuesday, July 3, 2012

medical update

I only have about ten minutes here but I just feel that I have to get something out.
No huge news, but I got the results from the CT.
The only thing it said that was "bad" is that I have changes in both hips due to osteoarthritis.
I sort of knew that, I think I remember seeing somewhere, on some evaluation of some test, that I have osteoarthritis.
Oh, it also said that my hip joints (both) have suffered narrowing- which implies impingement. Which means that the FAI is back. That is the problem that we aimed to fix 5 months ago.

To me it doesn't explain what is going on with me these past two/three weeks.
I looked on the web- did a little search (although I am so *not good* at searching for things) for 'arthroscopic surgery- hip- four months later- sharp pain'.

I got more than one hit that says that the sort of pain I am having is due to the *failure* of the arthroscopic surgery. I saw exact details of the sort of pain I have, in the exact same places, described by others. It may mean that the labrum- the 'cup' of the hip joint- may have re-torn. My hip certainly has returned to "popping' in and out of the joint like it used to; that points to a torn labrum. But the pain is so much stronger than it was before surgery. Actually, people mentioned that, as well, on a blog I read dealing with exactly this. Here is the blog address, for anyone interested. There are other sites I saw as well.

So maybe the surgery failed. It started out successful then after four months, it [maybe] failed.
But it doesn't explain why I feel sick so often, and why I have such *tremendous* fatigue.

I will talk tomorrow with my doctor, and with the surgeon, Dr. Rath.

Oh- and Sunday I have a consult with the plastic surgery department at Soroka for my reconstruction. I am not MAKING A DATE for it- don't you all gasp-- just a consult. We'll take it slowly. I am not ready, with these other issues going on.

It seems, though, that there always seems to be other issues going on.
I was planning the reconstruction before this New Pain came along.
What does The Boss want with me...... we are not the ones who decide which plans get carried out. But I will go for that consult.

Oops- more than 10 minutes. Gotta go.... more soon.

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  1. Hand in there Sarah, dear. Our thoughts and prayers are (as always) with you 24/7...