Thursday, August 30, 2012

hopefully fixed... stitching adjusted.

I went, I did labor breathing while biting on my finger, I left.
The doctor took out a stitch and loosened another one. He said it was very swollen and that could be why it hurts so much, not necessarily that there is a problem with the stitches. When he fiddled with the stitches, the swelling went down a bit immediately.

Then he gave me a steroid cream to help the swelling go down even more.

I felt crappy the whole rest of today, but that can be expected, I guess.
Robert is exhausted from taking it all on with me not functioning so well. Been there, done that. We all suffer when I do.

I know this thing will get better. It is just that each thing that I go through takes on much more significance because of reminding me of what I already have been through.

I must go to sleep, just wanted to give a quick update. I have no energy for anything longer than this. Another time.


  1. If I lived closer I'd bring one right over

  2. sending you a (virtual) milkshake AND a (virtual) ice cream sundae with whipped cream and a maraschino (very healthy) cherry on top, along with (not virtual) love, and as many hugs as it takes to make your latest (real, real) booboo go away.

  3. nah...a milkshake would just make you feel fat on top of everything...I think a candlelit dinner (which someone else cooked) with nice soothing music in the background would be fun. Good luck you really don't deserve all these complicatons.

    1. Tzippi- RIGHT ON!!!!! But it should be a dairy meal so I can have a milkshake for desert. :)

  4. it 's so very hard to be in pain. but we hope thats in the past and you should feel stronger for the coming new year. you need to give yourself time to heal,and take in extra help in the house if need be. rochel.