Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It seems he stitched me up wrong.

There is a problem with the stitching that the doctor did last Thursday. He left like a bubble of flesh sort of choking with the stitches around it. It is a very painful point, and I am quite sure it is a mistake.

I called my regular doctor today, at Robert's entreaty. This is my private one, not the one who preformed the procedure. Since he will be in the hospital tomorrow he told me to come in and he will take a look, and [most likely] fix it. I am not sure if that means restitching it, or just freeing the stitches that are causing this 'bubble' ... but whatever it is, it is NOT GOOD. And I am just beside myself. This is after the doctor who preformed the procedure said to me, as he was stitching, "I'll make this very nice- after a while you won't even notice it is there". Well, dude, I noticed.
Yes, doctors are human, and yes all humans make mistakes.

I think I've already learned that lesson, though- don't you?


  1. It's a good thing you go to see a doctor. I hope it will be repaired and that you won't suffer at all.

  2. oh I am so sorry I missed all this - caught up in things around here - didn't see any posts since Eilat, and just read this whole new chapter all at once. Sending you lots of hugs and hope and good thoughts, and just love.

  3. Hugs, Sarah. I just cry for all you go through. May this be fixed quickly!!!

  4. Right. This will pass and things will improve. The "trick" is to remember that.

  5. so sorry ! hope it gets sorted quickly. refu'a shleima