Thursday, September 6, 2012


This is it; I honestly think this is parting ways for me and nerve pain medicine.
I don't even want to know how much pain is lurking, though.

We aren't sure of all that is going on with me these past few days, but none of it has anything to do with right (medically speaking).

OH-- first of all-- biopsy results are in:
 It's not cancer. Thank God.
 It is some harmless stupid damaged skin thing with no particular pathology,
 besides atypical skin nodule. 
Thanks, buddies, I could have told you that without going through all this drama.
OK, that is the end of the good news for this blog update.

OK, onto other atypical things going on around here...

Seems as if a few things are happening--
Seems that I have some sort of food poisoning... perhaps, we don't know yet.
Tuesday evening I ate some ramen noodles that were suspiciously moldy, but I don't know if that could make me violently vomit all last night. That episode was 24 hours from when I ate the noodles, so who knows. What is abundantly clear, though, is that last night was SO BAD. My neck and scalp are tingling and sore, ostensibly from the insane episodes I had last night. And I am still nauseous. And most likely dehydrated. I'm trying my best to drink some, but not much (if anything) is staying down.

Let's hope it is a simple case of food poisoning (but from moldy noodles?).

The other thing going on is the nerve pain medicine I switched to about a month ago (when I went off the Lyrica), which is called Gabapentin, has been causing me problems. We found this out because of Robert looking up stuff on the internet regarding why I may be so sick.

Over the past while-- few weeks or so-- I have been noticing a tremor in my hand, and also in my chin, of all muscles. When I put a cup up to my mouth to drink, it shakes. When I try to write, my hand isn't steady. It concerned me. Until I got the biopsy results, I thought that it was cancer. So we now know it's not, thank Gd. I didn't tell anyone else about the tremors, except Robert, just once. I should have told my pain doctor, but it didn't occur to me at the visits.

I have also had twitches, mainly when I lie down to sleep at night. A few nights ago I had a terrible bout of "restless leg syndrome"-- my legs were visibly twitching uncontrollably. I had to heavily drug myself to sleep in order to get to sleep at all. That only happened one night. But last night's escapades with my stomach going backwards made up for it plenty.

Turns out, through Robert's internet searches, that Gabapentin (the nerve pain medicine I am on) is not good for people with CKD (chronic kidney disease), which I have. The beginning signs of kidney poisoning is tremors and uncontrollable nerve twitches.
It is a case of one hand not knowing what the other is doing (nephrologist/pain dr). Suffice it to say that I am a complete mess.

Anyone who can offer time today to come help with cooking/kids/a zillion other things, please call Robert: 0545-316-613.

I may have to go to the hospital for iv fluids- I can't keep anything down.

Oh, and my mother is back in the hospital. Blood clots in her (post-lung cancer) lungs, enlarged heart valve.

I'll write when things get better.
(gotta get some hope infused into this crap somehow.)


  1. to quote Churchill: if you're going thru Hell, keep on going.

    Sorry its so tough right now. Lots of people out there davening for you that it will get better.

  2. My hugs to you. I wish I could be there to help.

  3. My prayers are with you (and Robert) and your mother. I wish I were local and could help. Hugs, Jackie

  4. refuah shlema!!!!

  5. I'm so so sorry Sare. Sending lots of love. To you and your family and your mom and dad.

    It sounds like you do need to go to the hospital, and to have your doctor visit you there.

    XXXOOO All my Love

    dev from NJ

  6. moldy noodles are extremely dangerous, some molds are real poison, some not. So it may be and probably are the reason for nausea, vomiting, itching, tell doctor about all these stuff not just food poisoning and vomiting. They can give you some medicine charcoal to absorb bad stuff from you.
    For all other news and episodes - well, it is fabulous it is not cancer. For gabapentin - I am always sorry for ourselves because every doc looks just a part of our body, and usualy don't "waste time" to ask for other health issues, other drugs, or read all our medical history. It seems we always had to surf net and find answers on our own......

  7. Don't know what to write that doesn't sound trite. Big virtual hug.