Tuesday, January 22, 2013

cellulitis update

Just a short update here, I am quite exhausted.

The cellulitis, it seems, is finally getting under control. Yesterday was the high point of concern, and after consulting lots with my homeopathic practitioner, and listening to Robert's opinions, we stayed out of the hospital. I was very scared last night, and felt like I should go in. I wanted to stay out of the hospital, and a small voice in me told me that I could do that this time. But, seeing and feeling how the cellulitis was progressing, it scared me, for obvious reasons.

I am taking oral antibiotics as well as a homeopathic regimen, and I just had to get over that "hump" of things getting worse before they get better yesterday, and I feel better. I did too much yesterday, but that was my decision. I was at a funeral, then I drove Shifra to-and-from ballet, then took her to a play that I had promised her we'd go see together.

I knew it was too much. That was part of why I could hold out last night and avoid the hospital, knowing that if I can rest, it would get better. So, I slept all day today. It was a day off for the country, it was Israeli election day. I went out to vote, but besides that, I was in bed. I felt so light-headed, I hope I voted for the party I intended to vote for!

Today the area is not as red, and the spreading has receded. The dotted lines I drew around the spreading redness no longer mark the edges of the infection, thank Gd.

The pain is still there. I am sure it will take some more time for that to get better, too. It sort of feels like a knife in my skin each time the leg folds at the graft (ie, all the time I sit, stand, walk). It is not lots better than yesterday, but I know that with the redness receding, the pain will improve, too.

This was (is) a good experience for me. I learned (am learning) that my body can stand up to potentially dangerous infections, and that I can trust my little inner voice telling me if I really need to go to hospital, or if I can wait it out and see. Let's pray that this direction continues. I am looking forward to the pain fading away, as well. Time, patience, trust. All good things to embrace.

My eyes are shutting by themselves, so I'll close here.
Let's pray that this healing trend continues!


  1. So happy to hear that things are getting better. Thoughts and prayers are still coming your way

  2. Yay, Sarah!! So, we didn't actually go out for coffee, but you were in my thoughts all day, and I am SO glad to hear the worst seems to be over. Onward Jewish Soldiers!
    Love, Miriam

  3. glad to hear. hope tomorrow brings even more improvement.

  4. Headed in the right direction!! Yay!!

  5. Definite progress. I hope your improvement continues.