Thursday, January 10, 2013

Life is chugging along... and so am I.

Geez, what can I say.
It has been so long since I wrote, it feels like *months* to me.

Mostly, it is because of profound exhaustion. I just don't have it in me to spend time on the computer using my mind. Life is so tiring when dealing with CMV (here for an explanation). As my sister-in-law said, it is like having exhaustion and cotton in your brain. Thankfully, I am mostly clear-minded and can usually focus (except at night, which is usually when I write), but I just feel like I need to constantly sleep.

Yesterday my nanny canceled, and nobody else was available, so I paid Dov to take care of the evening so I could go to bed. I literally could not stand on my legs anymore. I had managed to make dinner, though, so at least that was taken care of.

A quick update after having seen the orthopedic oncologist the other day. Good news- there is no PVNS in my left thigh joint. I got to say also that it hurts less overall, although the right joint has taken center stage with hurting:(. Still when he did his range of movement exam I yelped. I don't know if I'll ever get that back, but I get up every morning, get onto my feet, and walk throughout the day, and there is no disease in the joint. I am grateful for those things! (and pray for that for my mom).

We now have to wait for the MRA test for the right thigh. They don't know if it is PVNS, or impingement or what. The doc told me that bilateral PVNS is very rare, and it is probably impingement. It wouldn't at all be unusual to have problems in that thigh, taking into account that the issues with the left one put a lot of stress on that joint. If it is impingement, I may chose to do the same surgery that I had done to the left one, exactly a year ago. I detest the idea of going through that again, but we are still aiming for the gold- getting off the pain meds. Also, in general to reduce the areas where there is pain. I'm not actually sure if that will ever be possible to go off the meds because of the nerve pain I have from the NF damage, but, one thing at a time.

Update on the difficult problem of trying to figure out how to help my innards to work properly... the subject of the last post.
I am still struggling with it. Haven't found an acceptable solution yet. The milk-of-magnesia works, but last time I took it (a few days ago), I actually had nine incidents of "the runs" in one day. *Not acceptable*. That was on a very low dose; much lower than recommended. My stomach is so sensitive to all this invasive stuff. But, I stay blocked up if I don't do something. I decided to go for trying homeopathy. Today, actually, Robert is going to pick it up at the local pharmacy. My sister-in-law is a wonderful and talented homeopath, and I asked her to help (and she offered, too). She ordered what we hope will help out, and I'll start it today (if things go as planned; we didn't pick it up yet, but Robert is planning to go out soon).

Let's pray for this one. I really am so depressed about this problem.

Onto other, more pleasant subjects...
The kids are doing great, thank Gd. Thriving and secure. They are such an inspiration to me.

Ya'akov's BarMitzvah is in two months (the first Shabbat in March), and we are getting ready for that. He is doing a wonderful job with preparing. The boys basically have to memorie the entire Torah portion. His is one of the longest ones in the Torah, and he knows it completely already. Just needs to practice lots now. He has a photographic memory. For his particular Shabbat, he also has to learn an added portion- (parashat Parah). It's a huge amount of learning/memorization for a 12-year-old, but he is doing it! He's awesome. We also already have a hall for the party, so we are ahead of things in comparison to Dov's BarMitzvah a year & a half ago.

I have to go now, no rest for the weary. Just wanted to check in to let you know I'm still alive. :)

We are going away this Shabbat to Efrat, where there is *snow* now!!! It hasn't snowed in Israel for 20 years. We can't wait! Dov is going to be at a yeshiva high school Shabbaton (a Shabbat dedicated to one specific subject) there. The school is having it for perspective freshmen to introduce them to the school. So, we decided to make a Shabbat of it, instead of just dropping him off and going the next night to pick him up. We have good friends there (2 families) which we haven't seen in ages, so we are going to be with them while Dov is at the yeshiva. It's exciting.

OK, I do have to go and get challot and pizza ready, it's Thursday, don't forget. (I am making challot to bring with us to Efrat).

Shabbat shalom from a very rainy Be'er Sheva (*very very very* rainy and cold).

Life is tiring,
but good.
But tiring.
... and good.

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  1. glad your test went well. It has snowed many times in the past 20yrs. but...never this much and never in so many places lower in altitude than Jerusalem. Enjoy your weekend. I hope there will still be snow when you get there.