Friday, February 22, 2013

Still struggling to get healthy

I spoke to my parents the other day, and I was happy to tell them that I felt better, finally, and I think the worst of it is behind me.

That night I had a relapse of sorts. I was coughing and low-grade fevery all night, taking Robitussin consistently every four hours, each time my coughing woke me up. :(

I have had NO ENERGY. It is simply, *impossible*.

Every night now I am coughing and slightly fevery. Robitussin, take me away.

I did go to my GP. Robert implored me to, even though I intuitively felt that it is a virus/flu thing which my immune system hasn't fought off yet.

She listened to my lungs: clear. No sign of pneumonia.
She told me that if my fever doesn't clear up in three days, to go get a lung x-ray.

I haven't done the lung x-ray, my fever isn't high, and it is totally inconsistent. One night yes, one no, and never what is considered "high". But, forget what is "considered" high, I feel awful when it goes up, of course. I don't feel congestion like pneumonia (although I never had it. I am the one who used to get bronchitis every year, but never pneumonia.)

Point is... my body isn't 'getting it together', so to speak. Since the infection a month ago, my immune system hasn't gotten back "on-line" yet.

I try every day to get up and do some of what needs to be done, but after an hour or two I am slammed with dizziness, and an inordinate inability to lift my feet and take one step after another. I have gone back to bed most days. I wake up really late- most of the morning goes away. Can you believe this?!

In the meantime, though, I have to give myself some credit. I've been helping the kids get their Purim costumes together. Even with a fever a few evenings ago, I made a shield for my 7-year-old "Captain America" out of a hamper top and paper and markers. I'm so clever.

Dov (14 yrs old) decided to wear his slippers and robe to school, and when people asked his what he was dressed up as, he said "tired". :)

Shifra's costume I bought in the US last time I was there- Halloween sales. :) I got her the glittery make-up she *needed* to complete being the Greek Princess that she was dressed up as. (actually it was a Greek goddess costume, but we don't *do* goddesses around here...)

Ya'akov hasn't dressed up yet. We have yet to see his creation on Purim- Sat night and Sunday.

I have also been doing plenty of stuff- you know that. It's just that I tire very quickly, and very often feel fevery and... yes... grumpy.

Robert is working overtime (as if he wasn't already) to get things organized for the BarMitzvah, happening next Shabbat, with out-of-country uncles coming on Wednesday. I am HAPPY about these things. Reallyreallyreally happy.

But unhappy about being in a seemingly constant state of unwell for over a month now.
I just took the thermometer out of my mouth- 37.5. Normal for me is 36.5. It makes a BIG difference in how my body feels.

What am I going to do??
I know I'll make it through, and things won't be perfect (are they ever?). But this time... this time I am more worried about if I will make it through all the events and plans without conking out in a big way.

God, I just want to be *present* for all the good in life, which we wait for with all the difficult parenting. The milestones. That is what it's all about.

I want to be PRESENT. Is that too much to ask??

(these are the times I am less ambivalent- and more bitter- about the surgeon, 5+1/2 years ago, and all the mistakes which were made when I got NF... as opposed to my last post-- or one before that perhaps? I will try to push out the bitterness. It serves no purpose.)


  1. Take the time you need to rest and get better now. I'm sure everything will go well with your company and Ya'akov's bar mitzva. Happy Purim.

  2. Sending you healing energy for the weekend.

  3. refuah sheleima.
    We're all just getting over a nasty flu virus... knocked my kids down for 5 days. Yisroel has been downing Dayquil to keep his oncoming fever at bay.
    which uncles are coming to the Bar Mitzvah?

    XXXOOO dev from nj

  4. All of em! both my brothers, and [we hope] all of Robert's brothers... one is still on the fence, believe it or not. We really hope he'll come. We are sadly missing my parent's being here for this. Makes me sad. Tom (my brother) hasn't been here since our wedding, 15 years ago. B'ezrat Hashem it will all come together. It always does, right?