Wednesday, March 6, 2013

We did it!! Now... the inevitable crash sets in.

I am literally too tired to write. Have been for weeks now, but since the BarMitzvah last weekend, I have been totally spent! I know you knew that was the reason Ii haven't written about it all... just over exhausted.

It was all amazing, though. All of it. Ya'akov's Torah reading, (the entire portion and the haftorah) and d'var Torah (a selected point of interest in the Parsha expounded upon and given a new angle of interpretation.) For his d'var Torah, he was awesome. He stood with poise, confidence (in front of about 100-150 ppl), made eye contact, and even used hand gesticulations to make his point. He also ad-libbed a bit for clarification sake. Everyone was wowed by it!

The party on Sunday was really wonderful. Lots of our friends (and relatives) came, and we all had such a great time. I can't really get into details now- I am just too exhausted to write. I just wanted to check-in and tell you everything went well, and that I danced and had fun. Yes, I am paying for it, but I knew that would happen, so it is what it is. My hips are both killing me, and lower right back (back of right hip) is seriously painful. I really went for it with the dancing. You only live once, and your son only has one BarMitzvah.

I just now fell asleep a bit. I am beyond exhausted. Can literally barely keep my eyes open most of the time. Oh, and my nanny is out for the week; she is healing from a minor concussion!! Haven't gotten other help, and it has been *very* hard to be up evenings taking care of the kids full time.

Here are a few pics, they tell a thousand words when I cannot (I'll have more pics tomorrow from the photographer. I didn't really take that many myself):

This is the picture we used for the cover of Ya'akov's guest signing book
Azriel rockin' out at the end of the party

Little miss angel dress- it swirled when she twirled. :)

My brother Tom playin' those funky shades

Ya'akov, last one out of the banquet hall, standing in the doorway, feeling sentimental about it ending (he kept looking back).

We all went out to brunch the next day, the waitress took a photo. From L to R: Shifra, Azriel, Peter, Dov, Tom, Ya'akov, Me.
This picture of me was taken by a friend. (Thanks, DB!)

same crowd, on my lawn: Shifra, Azriel, Tom, me, Ya'akov, Peter, Dov


  1. I was waiting and waiting to hear about it! MAZAL TOV! The pictures are fantastic. Yasher Koach to all. Have a good rest now, Sarah! You did it! (Yaakov did too...)

  2. You knew it would happen. You know you will make it through this one too. Do what you *have* to and don't worry about the rest.