Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pushed it too far. Mirgaine, with no warning.

It's one thing being tired a lot... it's another to get a migraine.

I had such a great day yesterday. Got lots done, had some wonderful help from a friend (thank you CG!), and felt excited that my brothers and Robert's brother were coming in that evening.

I got really tired as early evening rolled in. I tried to rest, but there was too much going on that I kept popping up to take care of the kids. Robert is very busily and concertedly working on the d'var Torah that he will teach Ya'akov for his BarMitzvah.

I went to sleep later than I should have, very tired and very worn out (but happy after having time with the brothers!!).

I woke up with a screaming migraine. OMG, so unfair!!!

This morning was a special morning as well, as it would be Ya'akov's first time reading from the Torah at all, at the regular Thursday morning Torah reading.

I had to tank myself up on all sorts of meds (I have no migraine medicine. I am allergic), and I got to the synagogue with dark glasses on. I was there with him- it would have upset him (and me!) to much if I didn't make it there.

We had a small celebration after services with some cookies, cake, whiskey (thanks Pete!) and drinks. Here are some pics from that:

Ya'akov riding on the shoulders of one of the shul members, with Dov poking in

The red kippa kid in the middle?
That's my boy reading Torah!

my two brothers, looking like twins, but they're not.
The three Kashin sibs, together in the Holy Land

All adult family members present for the auspicious occasion
four Klein sibs, enjoying each other

a hug-able moment
I slept all afternoon after that, and my dear brother-in-law did some of the important errands, bless his heart. Migraine passed (thank the Good Lord), but I am going to sleep now for the night. Tomorrow I will wake up as fresh and happy as a Jewish mother should be on the eve of her son's Bar Mitzvah!! Ken yehi ratzon! (= Yes! May it be His will).


  1. Sarah, you made it to shul despite your migraine! You're a great mom. Mazal tov.

  2. yay! This is so exciting! LOVE the pictures!

    B"H the Nachas!

    And happy forthcoming birthday!

    DB from NJ USA

  3. Mazal Tov Ya'akov and family!! Great pictures. What joy. Thinking of you all and so cool to see the family pics including proud ema and abba and 3 Kashin sibs and 4 Klein sibs!