Monday, July 22, 2013

Humpty-Dumpty took a great fall...

I am extraordinarily tired, but the past few days have been so jam packed, I have to jot some of it down. The ending is a kicker....

1. My mom's birthday..... She's 80!!! That was the surprise I alluded to at the end of the last blog entry. May Hashem bless her with many more happy years with her family and friends all around her. I organized a gift for her which seemed to me to be perfect. And indeed, it went off without a hitch, and she was very surprised! My mother used to be an avid opera-goer, and she and my father would enjoy alll sorts of concerts. Well, now she is pretty much bedridden, with just a few stints to be able to sit in the wheelchair for a bit.
I got in touch with a chamber music duo, and set up with them a home concert! It was great! My brothers helped arrange things on their side, and I watched with Skype. Isn't Skype awesome?
Happy birthday, my dear mommy. I love you more than you know.

2. My doctor's appointment with the nephrologist (kidney doctor). It appears that my kidney disease, which I have had for 5 years, has cleared up! I need another ultrasound to make sure of one little thing, but all my tests came out clean and tidy! Originally I was told that one cannot get rid of kidney disease, but can only try to arrest it's progression. Seems my kidneys have healed! (I am annoyed that I have one more ultrasound to do, but I am sure it will come out clear.

3. our trip to the coast of Achziv (near Nahariya, up north) to visit the boys on visiting day on Friday. We got there late, I felt so bad (I remember being at sleep-away camp and being the last camper to have their parents come), but immediately the boys cheered up and told us stories a mile a minute. They look beautiful; tanned and fresh-aired, and relaxed and happy. It does a mommy's heart so good to see that. We saw their rooms (so much better than the bunks we had way way back when I was in sleep-away camp! They have air conditioners, and completely enclosed showers!), and basically hung out, walking around and talking.
They will be gone for another 10 days or so.

4. We spent the rest of the weekend up north. With visiting day on a Friday, and it being almost three hours away, it would be crazy to come & go the same day, with Shabbat coming in, when the coast and cabins in the mountainous woods surrounded us!
We were 4:  me, Robert, Shifra & Azriel. Oh, I can't explain how awesome and relaxing it was. the kids were just sky high with groovy feelings, lots of swimming in the pool where we were staying, a beautiful Shabbat, and general good lovin' around all of us. Baruch Hashem. The cabin in the mountains was gorgeous! Robert found it with long hours of searching the internet. I'd love to put up pictures here, but my phone went into the ocean... when I..... fell. :(
I did have some awesome pictures, and I pray that after letting the [expensive, awesome] phone dry out I may be able to use it enough at least to get all my pics and info/lists/phone book out of it! Oy.

Oh, I forgot that I put some pics up on facebook from our B & B! I can show you, after all!

Happy Shifra in the porch/dining room

Wazi and Shiffy on the bed

view from our bedroom window!
Kitchenette area

jacuzzi and TV

yeah, the jacuzzi was a popular attraction. :)

5. I will now pick up with... The Fall. *Not good*.
I was finally at the shore, which have been pining away for for a long time now!
We were looking for shells, and going in a bit, but not swimming because there was no lifeguard where we stopped, and it was too rocky a terrain.
I, adventurous as I am, wanted to go walk out onto some rock formations a bit out from the shore. I walked out a bit, with flip-flops on in order to protect my feet from sharp rocks, and walked onto some slimy stones on my way. I knew, as soon as I stepped down, that I was losing my balance, and my flip flop flipped me over. I went crashing down. :(((((   I slipped something fierce. Both hips went bending backward, and I screamed-very-loudly. I wasn't sure if I could get up, of should be moved, but since I was in my clothes and soaking, and traumatized, I asked Robert to come help get me up (I was worried greatly about the phone, being in a state of shock of sorts). I could barely walk. He got me, while hanging on to him with all my weight, onto a boulder to sit safely. He had to go back to the coast to be with the children (who were freaked out about mommy screaming and falling). As I was sitting on that boulder, noticing that I am in a lots of pain, taking stock of various cuts & bruises, I wondered if we should call an ambulance. I hate drama, though... we've had quite enough of that. Robert helped get me into the car, and we made our way home, even stopping for sushi. (yum!).

I am considering getting an x-ray, I can hardly move without searing pain. I got home, Robert put me into a bath to soothe my body, and now I am situated in bed. I will keep you updated (of course) about the next step. I have a feeling that tonight or tomorrow we may wind up in the orthopedic ER :((((. I'd be calmer knowing that nothing tore (more than it is) or is broken. My right hip hurts more than the left one. I honestly don't know which position I went down in, but the right hip got it worse.
I wish my (not-so-warm-and-caring) orthopedist would let his patients contact him by phone. Although, he'd just tell me that if I think it is an emergency, than go to the ER.

I am doing fairly OK in my bed with low-level but consistent pain, until I need to move.
Robert took my crutches out of the back of my closet so I can get myself around a bit, but the wiggling and jarring of the pelvis is NOT a happy thing. Needing the bathroom should be fun. :(

I'll (of course) keep you posted.

Mainly, I will declare, that this bad bad thing will NOT stomp on my great weekend!! We had a great time. Lots of love and closeness. *That* is what I need.

Why did I have to feel all ...'oh, I want to be out there! It's pretty to see the waves crash against the rocks! I'll snap some pics from there, bring with me my phone with the awesome camera. Yeah, great idea, Sarah! Let's do that! ' I want to take risks sometimes. Don't most people? Well, let's pray that this is just bad bruising and it'll pass with no more drama.

But, gratitude is flowing anyway. :)


  1. what an amazing trip! and an amazing find with that cabin! Looks like a lot of fun.

    Hope you feel better soon and retrieve all those photos.

    Happy Birthday, Mrs. Kashin! Sarah, what a perfect gift!

    Love, Deb from NJ

  2. Hope you feel better Sarah. I'll call today.

  3. The trip (no pun intended) up north sounds like everyone had a great time. Hopefully there's no long-term damage from your fall. I hope you feel better soon.

  4. glad you had a wonderful Shabbat . hopefully the fall was/is just a nasty shock to the system that lots of rest will fix. refu'a shleima.

  5. too much of a good thing...hope it all heals quickly!

  6. Refuah shleima! Where is this by the way? When I saw the pics I just wanted to pack up & go there right away!

  7. oh my darling... I can't help wondering about what is this journey you live on...
    may you be blessed
    love you