Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My hips: "After The Fall"

We spent yesterday at the doctor's clinic, and then the ER. I am walking with the help of my crutches, or one crutch sometimes, and my hip is so painful from that fall in the ocean. Boohoo!

Thankfully, there is no break. They x-rayed my hips, pelvis and lower back. That is a huge blessing that nothing broke. The conclusion is that there is likely stretched/broken ligaments and cartilage. At first, after I fell, the right hip hurt more than the [more damaged] left one. Then, the next day, the right hip pain lessened, but the left one... WOW, is very angry at me. Robert's theory is that the right hip cartilage is healthier and more elastic than the left, so it healed faster, and that the left one will take longer to heal. Makes sense to me.

For the time being, I am just resting. No choice. I hate having no choie, you know? I have things I want to do, and now I don't get to do them. Most people plan projects, and do them. Simple. I plan projects, and they drag onandonandon because of these things that keep happening. I'm not allowed to do a home project? Hashem just knocked me down again, at the height of the summer, with a big project of with the room changes, in order to give my kids more personal space, and I can't do work on it. Robert & I talked about it this morning, and we made a plan which includes hiring people next week, so it'll still get done, but I wanted to do parts of it. So many lessons in patience, and in learning my limits, I suppose.

I keep seeing over and over again the image/feeling of me slipping on those rocks and tumbling down fast, and feeling my legs bend backwards. It was so scary!! I only noticed later, well, actually, Robert noticed later, all the various cuts and bruises that happened at the same time. I can't believe it.I am also sad about my cool [expensive] phone that went down with me. I was trying to go further out to get some nice pictures. We are letting it dry out, but I am worried that the salt will be it's demise. I'll keep ya posted.

I am also stressed out about the fact that the two kids who are home, Shifra & Azriel, are out of camp now. With me being out of commission, they are pretty bored. I just put an ad out on our local neighborhood Yahoo list looking for a teenager to hang with them and do things with them these next few weeks. I am waiting for the responses to come rolling in.... please?

Anyway, I am in bed, whether I want to be or not. It hurts too much to sit somewhere, and when I am on the couch, I am not as comfortable being on my computer.

Annoyed! But, as always, it could be worse. I plan for this to heal quickly. :)
My wonderful homeopath has a suggestion for a remedy for this type of injury- soft tissue injury- so I will start taking that as soon as it comes in.

If you are local and want to take my kids out for a few hours... to run through the sprinklers in town, or go for a bike ride/roller blade ride, or whatever you can think of (picnic? park, if the weather isn't too oppressive?), cooking or making stuff together, whatever you or I can think of, let me know!

This too shall pass..... the mantra.....

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