Friday, August 16, 2013

Living in a beautiful bubble, day 5 in Mitzpe Alumot

I am sitting outside in a garden which is outside of my residence house. There is a wind rolling by which is warm and cool at the same time.
The sky is clear and the stars are bright, there are no city lights to dull the night sky around here. The moon is at exactly half.
I had the most *amazing* massage today. I'd say it is the best I've ever had. I felt like a malachit afterwards (a malachit is like a holy, royal angel). I was literally anointed with oils and a very gentle, yet invigorating massage. The type of massage is called "Ayurveda". The woman who did it has a beautiful soul, and loving energy.
I am being taken care of regarding food for my body and soul.

I am the luckiest woman alive.

Things started turning around for me today, thank Gd! I am feeling so much better, much more energy.

What is interesting is that I was completely exhausted last night; went to bed at 8:30pm.
I woke up at 3:30 am, and couldn't get myself back to sleep. Usually, I'd be panicking that I won't make it through the day alive. 3:30am? really?
But yeah, that was it.
I went to Gi kong at 7, and loved it. It is really a beautiful expression of body meeting earth, air, balance, and fluidity. I got the CD by the guy who leads it, and I plan to learn it by heart so I can do it without looking at the leader. It is so fulfilling to start the day that way. I only hope I can do it.
I took a picture as I was approaching. You can see the sun still low in the sky, and people standing ready to start. I would love to get a picture during the exercises, but it would break mine, and other people's concentration.

I love how the sun is still low in the sky at this time of the morning.

I'm trying so hard to internalize that I *must* get to sleep by 9:30, 10pm latest. They say here that sleep which begins before midnight is worth 2-3 hours of sleep more, per hour, than when someone goes to sleep after midnight.

So, me going to sleep at 8:30pm last night and waking at 3:30 is actually quite healthy. It is preferable to shift those hours later, but it is proof of the theory. I even tried to nap this afternoon and didn't fall asleep! So weird for me.
I am going to try to get off sleeping pills. I don't take a lot (half a pill at night, and rarely, I can get away with none at all). I still feel like I am scared that I won't fall asleep, and that I will be awake too long trying to fall asleep and make myself crazy. Anyway, I'll work on it.

I am still dealing with total gridlock of my digestive system, though! That is the only thing getting between me and the full detox/cleansing experience. I am eating only raw foods, tons of fibers, balanced meals, and lots of water, and lemon in hot water. Stuck.

Here comes the TMI part... just a warning...

Some of you asked about getting a hydro-colonic treatment, or other such treatments. Yes, they do offer that here; I think every place that does this sort of cleansing/detox offers that procedure to anyone who wants it.

I went to consult with the person who does it here. He is extremely experienced, and many people I have been hanging out with here have been to him to do it, and are very pleased with his demeanor, modesty, and experience.
He told me that in my case, he wouldn't do it.
Since the skin graft is where part of the intestines are, and the mesh is there, too, the fear is that there will be too much water pressure for the intestine, and things can come undone. I, personally, don't think that this is a problem; the graft is six years old, the mesh four years. I really think they aren't going anywhere. But, in his opinion, he wants to be as careful as possible and not do it. (covering his own you-know-what).

He did have other suggestions, though. He actually sat with me for like 45 minutes talking and explaining and suggesting things to help. I got to ask questions like, is this something that is not great for the colon because the colon isn't doing the job itself? Is it something someone like me has to do often? He was very learned and clear on my questions, and answered them very well. He's really a mentch (honorable, respectful person). He also gave me a number of a colleague of his in the Tel Aviv area who is an MD, and he is also very experienced in the whole hydrocolonic thing. I called him, right there during our conversation. He said he'd have to examine me to know if it is possible or not. I think I will go to him.

Aside from that, I am good. Really good.

Mostly I am worried about how I am going to continue with these things I have learned, at home. The stress is higher in regular life, demands are higher, time is much less available, and together with that, there is a lot of preparation to do in order to eat this way. I can't let myself get too hungry, or I won't take the time to prepare the right stuff. That is really hard; I don't have a great pattern for when I eat meals, and what I eat. I am also worried about the fact that my family isn't used to this sort of eating, and probably wants the usual stuff all the time, am I going to be able to deal with making my food, and the kids' food. Mainly, will I make the time to make this work. This is what breakfast looks like around here:

mixed leaf salad, almond 'cheese', flax seed crackers
abundance of vegetables to take as you want.

5 kinds of sprouts! I learned how to do them all myself.

Can I do this? (well, not the huge quantities, but yes all the chopping all day, every day). Along with this, they serve many interesting foods that are raw, but put into a dehydrator so it gets crunchy and feels cooked. These things are really tasty to me, and I have the recipes.
I also want to make a sprout garden in the house where it is air-conditioned. Sprouts of all sorts are amazing for the health. I have been eating lots of them here.

Will I do the sprouts? Will I keep it up? Will I make the smoothies and juices for breakfast? Will I keep all the ingredients around my kitchen so I can make these things? It means soaking many many things overnight and preparing them the next day. Forethought. If I get the dehydrator that I have my eye on here, those take between 12-16-24 hours to complete the dehydrating process so you can eat the food. Depends on what you are preparing. Forethought. You can put the things up the night before into the dehydrator, and then have it for dinner the next day... but I am so tired at night, and the afternoons are so busy, will I really do this? Ok, if I get up in mornings like I pray will be happening, I can maybe do food prep then. But, I want to use that time to write my book. I want to do the gikong in the mornings. I want to live at home like I live here.

I know that isn't so possible, but I'll try. I am not saying I'm going total vegetarian, total vegan, or total raw food. No way am I ready to declare anything that; it's a huge life change-- a revolution, really-- after just a week of being here. Maybe if I had another 2 or 3, or even 4 weeks here. But I want to keep as much of this as I can, and take it back home with me, so I can be healthier.

There are certain foods that help get rid of inflammation in the body, as well. Could help my thigh joint, which is constantly in a state of inflammation.

These foods and habits are GOOD for me. I haven't been healthy in so long, here is a great opportunity to turn it around. I *can* do this. I just have to ask Gd to help me and keep me on the path I need to be on. I want this. I *want* to be healthy. I want to live a long life, with all my joints working until the very end... or at least close to the end. ;) I don't want surgeries- they take valuable life force away from people.

But the pain... can this life style help the pain? Some say yes, but I know that they don't know really what my pain is from. Nobody really understands pain. I have heard a few people here talk about Fibromyalgia, and other wide-spread pain problems, but that isn't why I have pain. My issues are very specific to what has happened to me. OK, I gotta stop. This is just meandering thoughts that have no answers today.

I think, now that I have been thinking out loud at you for a while now, that I may not feel 100% healthy until I am pain-meds free. I think it does boil down to that.

One last picture- this evening someone was celebrating her birthday. The chef brought this out for her- it was hysterical!

A birthday mango with a candle in it!


  1. So glad you are feeling better today.

  2. You can do it - do as much as you can. You're already seeing the rewards for a healthier life. Shabbat shalom.

  3. glad it is going well. take what you can-leave the rest for a later date. Your kids are growing up and will need less intensive time and will be able to help more so slowly you can add more changes in your life...just enjoy for now. and feel well.

  4. For a moment I thought I missed out on your B-day... but maybe they're trying to hint that you are being reborn Enjoy and Shabbat Shalom!

  5. It sounds so promising, so much potential for good change. I agree with the "take what you can for now" approach - it's not all or nothing. A little bit of change can make a lot of difference. Look for the possible and see how much you can bring into your daily life. SHabbat shalom