Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mitzpe Alumot, day 3: When was the last time you did something for the first time?

I was up at 7 this morning doing the "Gikong" exercises, welcoming the day into our bodies. Sounds corny, but it is really beautiful, and I honestly felt more energized and ready to face the day. I am so used to waking up late, my meds keeping me in bed like I am stuck there with glue, that I was dubious whether or not I'd be able to get up at 7 and do this. Well, I did!

I also took two naps during the day, missing one yoga class, but I had no choice- getting up early, plus these changes are wiping me out. I think that I was so addicted to sugar, in order to get all the energy I needed to do everything I need to do for the kids and house, that withdrawing from the sugar is just keeping me soooo tired. I am sure it will pass. Everyone says that on Wednesday of this week-long journey is when people really start to feel better and feel the benefits. I'll let you know! They say that taking out the poisons from your body is a process that makes us tired. Ain't that the truth!!

It is simply awesome to be eating a raw food diet. I am eating the food exactly the way Hashem made it for us. It is actually vegan, as well. I feel full all day, no problem, and it is almost all salad, usually with some side dish, like raw food falafel balls (sunflower, parsley, garlic, and spices, dried out in a dehydrator to make it crispy. They are also going to serve lasagne. That will be interesting to see!

Tomorrow and Wednesday are two days of juice fast. It is primarily smoothies and juices of vegs and fruits. In my case, the nutritionist wants me to be more on a "green" diet rather than fruits, so I will have green drinks tomorrow. I had one for breakfast this morning (they put fiber in it as well), and it was really tasty! Looks unappealing, but it is surprisingly tasty. Looks like this:

My breakfast today, Monday morning the 12th

 I'll have all these recipes in hand before I leave.

I spoke today to the founder of this place, a Canadian man named Jerry. It was nice to be able to speak in English. :) He has been in this business of raw food retreats and healing body through nutrition, for a long time. After I heard him speak the first night, I quickly felt a trust for him.

Today I told him my story. He listened, he asked questions, he got a picture of what I am about nutritionally (pretty poor), and emotionally (also not so hot).

With the clarity of someone who has seen many hundreds of people heal themselves this way, he said to me that he could help me more if I could stay longer. I told him first of all the money isn't easy to come by with our situation, and also about my worries about staying away from the kids at this time when school is almost starting (in 2 weeks), and Dov will be going to boarding school.

He waved away the first problem, he'd help financially, maybe a free week, but I shouldn't worry about it, he is willing to help as much as I need.

The second issue, is, of course, more of a personal decision.
I know that if I get healthier, my kids would benefit greatly. I even wonder if it would be possible in the coming year to not have a nanny come almost every day, if I can feel better and stick to this diet as well as possible. That would save us money, too, but I am jumping ahead of myself.

I am still not sure if I will stay longer. I know Robert supports it (he always supports things I do for my health, in a very selfless way), but to stay away for three weeks for my own benefit? I mean, I have gone away alone for two weeks at a time to be with my mother when she was very ill, and I have been away without family to tour with the orchestra, but I have never done something like this for my health, on my own, in my own space.

I'd love to do it. I worry about the kids- the younger ones need me around, and are constantly needing hugs and touch from me. They are hungry for closeness, and I don't want to keep myself from them. Well, more on that later. I am tired.

I heard a nice saying today:

"When was the last time you did something for the first time? 

That rang so true for me!
*This* is the last time I did something for the first time. And it's good.

Oh, I tried juiced wheat-grass today. It's not as bad as you'd think; kind of like a freshly cut lawn, but with a little sweetness to it. They want us to drink one a day. It's the size of a shot.

that stuff sticking out of the machine; it's got medicinal properties! Don't throw it away! You might just be able to do this with it:

who has more magical powers... Wonder Woman's bracelets, or *me*?

Good night from a very sleepy, but healing and happy, NF survivor.


  1. After telling you not to write-I'm glad you did. Fascinating post. Looking forward to the next post!

  2. You sound very good and positive. I hope you decide to do this for yourself and stay for another week. There comes a time when you need to put yourself first.

  3. I wonder if this is the same place that friends of mine went to.

  4. send on some recipes or are they a trade secret of the retreat?

    1. No, it's not a secret- the cook comes out each meal and tells us how he or she made it. There is a cookbook they put out, and I think I'm going to buy it.