Sunday, August 11, 2013

Day one- Mitzpe Alumot

The introductory lecture was for an hour and a half.
I had to leave in the middle to go back to my room to take pills to try to stave off the migraine threatening. I returned to the lecture.

Dinner (all raw food for a whole week)- awesome! Ffalafel balls made from crushed sunfower seeds and tachina, with spices and parsley... really tasty. Salad galore, everything you can imagine to put in it, as much as you want.

I talked to some good people at dinner. I am not the only one who came here alone. The woman directly to my left was from Be'er Sheva!!!! One neighborhood away. We are located about 160 kilometers or so from Be'er Sheva, and we happened to sit next to each other at dinner. Cool.

Lecture after dinner- I had to leave in the middle, the migraine was getting so strong, I couldn't bear it. It has been a very long day for me (lots of driving on my own), and last night I didn't get a good night sleep. I was quite anxious about coming here, alone, trying so many new things, just fear of the unknown. It is the first time I went away for my own health alone. The other times I've gone away alone have been to the US to visit my mother, or with orchestra trips. This is all new to me, and I was so anxious that I didn't sleep well. Had weird dreams.

I am going to sleep now. Praying that the migraine is gone in the morning.
Pure white sheets, pillows in abundance, and I can finally unpack after a week of traveling.
I'm here, for a total week. I pray the migraine will go away by tomorrow and I will be able to fully participate. I start at 7am with "Tchai Kong", then breakfast at 8:30. I am not making any promises to myself, but I want to make it to the tchai Kong. Send good vibes that I can get there at 7am and feel good.

good night from my room with a view:
"Oh, Kineret she'li"
from a beautiful Israeli song called "V'ulai"
from my window.
You can just imagine how the sunset was...


  1. THRILLED you are on this journey.
    So proud of you for taking the leap.
    How many days will you be there?

    Much love!

    1. 8 whole days. Lots can happen in 8 days. :)

  2. Good health and rest to you, dear Sarah!

  3. Wow! It should be great for you. Can’t wait to hear.



  4. You are doing it!! Yay!!
    I am in solidarity with you here in Maryland, drinking just green smoothies today. What a big sigh and exhale and fabulous that you are on this cleansing vacation. Just let it unroll however it does... listen to your body... rest... participate... enjoy putting earth's pure bounty into your cells. You will receive exactly the right information and people.


  5. Thanks for the update - it sounds great! Ask them for some of the recipes (and send me a copy!).

  6. Sarah dear
    Kodem kol, wow, kol hakavod that you gave yourself such a special time, just for you.
    What is it about? I missed some info here... a workshop on what? I admire that you dared. I can only say bravo and go for it! through migraine and pain, through it all, just stay on it... go for it... get through to the other side of the experience. I will want to know what and how...I will want to know more...
    xxx and blessings