Wednesday, October 9, 2013

the newest chapter of "Sarah visits the ER".

What happens when the pressure cooker in my head feels like it is about to blow any second, and I have the distinct feeling that knives and ice picks are being used as implements of torture directed at my brain?

I wind up in the emergency room.
Like last night.

I can't actually write much now because my eyes are still sensitive to light, but thank GOD that my migraine has waned to a low sandy grind.

It was the worst migraine of my life. I was literally writhing in pain, throwing up, added to that I had been dealing with diarrhea for some time now, I got terribly dehydrated. I could hold down no liquids. I got to the hospital and got fluids (thanks to Robert for pushing for it immediately), and started to get a smidge of relief.

I was there all night. I had airplane eye-shades on all the time, and had no idea of who was coming or going from my room. (and didn't care).

I did eventually fall asleep there in my ER bed, thanks to the mercy of Gd in heaven.
I got home in the morning, after a few more bags of fluids and some fairly ineffective drugs, at about 10 this morning, I think. I gave the long list of things to take care of to Robert (who found it fairly daunting.) I usually keep all this stuff in my brain- medical appointments for important issues for two of the kids, calls for information, getting me a doctor's appointment, getting Ya'akov a tetanus shot after stepping on a nail which went straight through his shoe and punctured his foot, and a zillion more things.

I got this stuff out of my brain, wrote it onto paper for Robert's brain, and went to sleep.

Now I am going back to sleep. I'm going to need a few more days to sleep this off. My body is drained of everything it's got. I need help with this migraine problem. It is getting worse and worse. I am going to a neurologist next week, hopefully to start a process of finding me relief. Please Gd.

My Mom is also in hospital these days. Hopefully she'll be home later this week. Things seem under control there, but I have to call. Couldn't call yesterday, of course.

Oh, but yesterday, before the migraine hit?... I had taken Ya'akov to a special evaluation for him in a town called Ben Shemen. When it was over, since it had been especially difficult, we went to the monkey park- a monkey zoo of sorts, less than two kilometers away from where we were. Just him & me - we were the only ones there!! Mid day, mid week, we *owned* that place. It was really great for him. All through our time there, though, I felt the headache getting stronger. I got very scared of what was to come, but I wanted to give him an opportunity to let off some pressure. He is dealing with heavy emotional issues, too, my poor sweetie.

These pictures do not at all reflect what I was feeling with the headache. As we all know, I can hide it well and put on a happy face... until I get knocked down by a cinder block. This particular character trait has shown itself over and over in my life, especially post-NF.
Anyway, here are a few pics. I actually climbed into this huge roped-in children's climbing space. Ya'akov begged me to, and I wanted to share it all with him.

I put my feet in there to show I climbed higher than him. So you'd believe me.

Triumphant when I got to the very top. (Me & Ya'akov then proceeded to go down the huge winding tube slide together back to the bottom. I have a movie of that.)

He got to the top, my own private monkey. I tried, and managed to get up about two levels, until my hips started threatening me....

I did the hour drive home, trying everything I could to not fall asleep. Somehow I made dinner, with a migraine settling into my head for the long run, and then I went up to sleep, telling the kids to go through their normal evening stuff, that I am going to bed with a terrible migraine, and that they can come up to me if they need me for something unusual. They are old enough to go through the evening motions without me actively taking charge. (It's a whole new stage, actually, that I can go rest like that with no babysitter here. Even with Dov gone to yeshiva boarding school, they can get it together pretty well on their own. New phase of life...)

My migraine was starting the raging cycle at that point.

Shortly thereafter, Robert came home and got the kids settled. (I had sent a few SOS messages to him).

Shortly thereafter, I woke, moaning, writhing, and yelling out in pain.
Then to the ER.

Now to sleep more. It's 7:15 pm, and with any luck, I will be able to sleep through the night and feel new tomorrow.

---Send some good thoughts and prayers my way, would'ja? Thanks!


  1. Oh love!
    Travel+overdoing=migraine - right?
    Poor soul.
    This blood pressure thing - that can give you nasty migraines too.
    Let's talk tomorrow see if we can make some sense of this.


    1. Well, the equation you mentioned isn't quite accurate because I actually woke up with a headache. It woke me in the middle of the night, and by the morning, it was a bit lighter, but still there. I told Robert I was scared of the day because I am starting out with a headache. In retrospect, perhaps either he may have called in to work and taken Ya'akov to Ben Shemen himself, or we made a new appointment for him. It's just that Ya'akov was so desperate to get new help, we didn't want to cancel.

      And the blood pressure thing- mine usually, almost always, runs low. It went high that night because of the migraine, of vise-versa, who knows. What I know is that I woke with a headache, and maybe the pressure was building throughout the day, and my blood pressure may have been going up. It is the first time in my life that I ever had high BP (as far as I know).


  2. Prayers, good thoughts, virtual hugs and all that. I hope you are sleeping and feeling better.

    love love love coming your way

    dev from nj