Monday, November 18, 2013

To travel or not to travel? CT scan tomorrow.

What a crazy day. I am exhausted. I am just going to write a quick update (whenever I say that it gets long) before I go to sleep.

I went twice to the doctor today- the new one who I like very much. Robert likes him as well. Robert called him on Friday (the doctor had freely gave out his cell phone number) before Shabbat to find out if the doc really thinks I should go to the hospital for this abdominal issue or if we can wait it out at home. The kind of conversation they had was very respectful, and in the end the doc said just to keep an eye out, and if things get worse, to go to hospital, but otherwise no need.

We had a great and very relaxing Shabbat. Thank God!
The pain was getting less and less. it had it's acute stage on Thursday, then the pain lightened up over Friday and Saturday.

Today I went to the doctor in the morning because I have to follow-up on this problem, to make sure I can travel overseas for two weeks. We had a small conversation (I caught him between patients without me having an appointment), and he asked me to return this afternoon for an exam (also without appointment).

The doctor got introduced to gapey. He had no comments, had a total poker face. That is really comforting.

He did an exam, and I yelped where it hurt. It's left side, right behind gapey. We talked a bit more, and since I want to travel soon, and want his confirmation that everything checks out, he decided to send me for a surgical consultation, right at that moment, across town. The clinics close at 7pm, and it was 6:40 by then. The secretary said to me there is no way the surgeon would see me by the time I got there, and only on Tuesday I can get an appointment. I asked the secretary to call up to my doctor. Next thing I know, she hands me the papers and says- "run over there, the surgeon is expecting you."

I tell you, this new doctor I have, he gets things DONE. He's a mover and shaker type. If he wants something done at a certain time for a patient, he will get what that patient needs. I felt like saying "where have you been all my life?" :)

I went to the surgeon.

-wait, here I have to explain what was going on at home this whole time. Robert was at work over an hour away, and wasn't due home for another two hours. Shifra was at ballet, and Ya'akov was home with Azriel alone. I couldn't pick up Shifra if I was going to this surgical consult. So, after Robert scrambling on the phone trying to find an extra pair of hands (with a car) to help us out, an awesome friend of ours came through. He picked up Shifra, brought her home, and hung around with my kids in the house until I got home. I mean, this was last minute, and this friend with his caring heart changed gears for us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, JS!! And especially to your lovely wife whom I love, OS, who juggled her three kids (one being just a wee baby) without hubby home to help out. Thank you both so much!!)-

OK, we resume this news report- live from Be'er Sheva Israel... where the leaves don't change colors, but life is oh, so good.

So, I went to the surgeon. When I got there, we, of course, recognized each other from the hospital. He knew my story well.

Anyway, we talked, he examined. Again, me yelping on left side behind gapey. (Couldn't I just tell them these things? Why hurt me all over each time?)

Adhesion from gapey scar tissue to intestine,
slight bowel obstruction,
diverticulitis inflammation,
irritable bowel?

Basically, can't tell without having a CT scan. I asked about an ultrasound instead to avoid more radiation, I've had **so many** CT's. Abdominal ones are the worst. That junk you have to drink like 5 gallons of beforehand.The surgeon said he wouldn't see enough in an ultrasound.

The surgeon took my phone number, I took his, and he will try to set it up for me tomorrow morning. Everything is so pressured because this happened at the last minute, right before the trip. It is making me so nervous and jumpy.

So, I'll let you know the next chapter, The CT results, when it happens.
Now I have to go to sleep. Tomorrow may be another hard day.

I was looking forward to a session I had scheduled with a woman who has been helping me spiritually make sense of my fragmented life. I had to cancel her to do the CT, but, no real choice. I will feel much better when I have an answer to these abdominal problems! (and the answer lets me travel next week. I am so scared of winding up in some NY hospital).


  1. So, what happened next? This is way better than any other page-turner I'm reading right now. I pray you get a CT ASAP (LOL, ect.), and that the results are reassuring and allow you to travel. Take one hour at a time. These days are precious and so are you.
    Love, Miriam

  2. Would your health insurance cover you if you did end up in a New York hospital?

    1. yes, my health insurance covers me overseas. We have traveler's insurance, and also comprehensive health insurance beyond the national medicine here. I'm covered, but it would be a bad scenario, in many ways. Let's hope it won't get to that!

  3. I hope it works out for you to travel. Have missed previous updates so I hope it's a happy trip. May you receive excellent care and may the excellent care lead to only better things.

  4. I second what Darlene said. Hugs!

  5. I'm glad someone else was able to step in yesterday and praying that it works out the way you need it to. So pleased to hear you have a good doctor now.