Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What I have in common with Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton got a bump on the head from an apple falling from a tree he was sitting under, then he figured out the theory of gravitational pull. (the story is probably folklore, but whatever.)
I got a bump on my head, and from that, something else is discovered.......

On Monday (4th day after minor concussion) I was pretty fine. I even worked on my book for hours. Went to bed, everything felt fine. (Dad- that is when we spoke and I said everything is fine.)

Tuesday morning I could hardly get myself to move and get out of bed. A strong headache was setting in. Robert called my doc, doc sent us to the hospital.

As a wicked migraine set in, we had the waiting game in the ER.

I finally got the CT scan.
It didn't show anything. They were looking for a tiny fracture or anything from the bang on my head, and nothing showed up, thank Gd.

But, (isn't there always a "but" in my life?) there were secondary findings that are... interesting, for the lack of a better word. This is *me*, don't forget.

Secondary findings:

Turns out that they saw in the CT a tiny bony mass, situated behind my eyes, or center of the eyes, something close to there. This is *bone*, not soft tissue. We are not talking about God Forbid cancer.

We need to find out more about this. The follow-up is supposed to be with an ENT (ear-nose-throat) doctor. Apparently it is a mass near sinuses or something. My information is not clear yet.

The most interesting thing is that this **may** be a factor, or outright reason for my migraines!

I always feel my migraines behind my eyes- always, without exception.

Talk about turning bad into... good? I mean, yes, it is possibly good news. If this bony mass thing is taken care of (taken out? Broken down by ultrasound waves?), maybe my migraines will go away, FOREVER! But we can't jump to that conclusion. Not yet. In fact, that would take a long time until it is known if that is the cause of my migraines.

OK, I am so tired from the monster migraine yesterday that I need to shut down the laptop and rest. I wish I could work on my book right now- I have a phone call with my book coach tommorow- Thursday evening. But, it is what it is. With me, ya just can't make plans, you know? That's just my life. I can never rely on making plans. I just have to accept that. I'll be on the call (conference call) and get what I can from other people, and maybe contribute a little. We'll see.

Going to rest now.
I'll write more when I can.


  1. Just read your post. That is SO CRAZY. What an insane journey life (God?) has mapped out for you.
    Hang in there.....
    Love, me

  2. Wow, if you ever want to study medicine, I bet you'd be way ahead of the game. Giving all your body parts a chance to show off their stuff. (Just kidding):)

  3. Love the analogy!!!!

  4. You just never know, serendipity at work (or is it play?)