Monday, November 3, 2014

The call at 1am.

December 2010. Almost 4 years ago.

I was in pain- agony- from the surgery where a large mesh was placed in my belly to support my skin graft. I was desperate for pain relief. Robert got in touch with our "Medical Rav", and was given the name of the best pain doctor/anesthesiologist in Israel- Dr. Eli'ad Davidson, in Jerusalem. I went to see him. On this subject, I highly recommend going into the archives of this blog- over on the right on the internet page (under the "Google+" badge, above the picture of me). Go to December 16th, 2010, and read three or four entries thereafter as well. It is all about my experience with this pain doctor. Some of the entries are details of the visit, and which medicines he "put on the table" as options for me, and some are about the trials and tribulations of starting the medicines he suggested.

October 30, 2014, 12:30am.

I had just published my previous blog "Pain, Fentanyl, Whiskey....", and was about to go to sleep. It was a late night. What I didn't expect was to receive a phone call at almost 1am. The person said they knew they were taking a risk, but because I had just published a blog entry, they assumed I was still awake. I was, but kinda risky, indeed.

Anyway, the person who called had a keen eye for what I may have been writing "between the lines" of my previously mentioned blog. They wanted to give me advice, and share with me their own experience of pain doctors. Although the late hour, and very strange call, I was, after a while, grateful for the call. This person jogged my memory about this specific doctor, who I had seen many years ago. I was flatly against the doctor's suggestions (Dr. Davidson) for narcotic pain relief. I wasn't ready to hear it. Now, after reading these entries over, I see that I have tried many of the options which I rejected at the time. I thanked the caller for reminding me about that particular doctor. They may have called at a strange time, and at the beginning of the conversation I almost wrote it all off, but I somehow knew that there was a message here for me, just packaged in a strange way. That actually happens often, I think, when important messages and important people come to us in unusual ways. We gotta be open to hearing what is being said.

Today, November 3, 2014

I called the office of Dr. Davidson, and requested an appointment, the earlier the better. These guys often have a waiting list of month or more until you can get an appointment.

There was a cancellation for this Wednesday... did I want it?

So, Jerusalem on Wednesday, it is. I even got lucky with finding someone to watch the kids for the afternoon, on my first try. That doesn't happen often!

Last time I left his office, I was in tears. I wasn't eligible for the pain control technique I went to him looking for (a nerve block inserted near the spine to numb the effected "pain" nerves. This is a technique which Dr. Davidson specializes in. Why I wasn't eligible for that technique is also written in the blog entries I suggested you read as an adjunct to this entry.)

Let's pray that this time, I leave with renewed hope, and a new path to try to get the pain under control, as well as a plan for how to get off the Fentanyl.

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014.

Stay tuned.......


  1. wishing you all the best, and that all your hopes will be realized, sending you lots of hugs!

  2. Keep us posted. Hope the appointment/consultation goes well.

  3. I look forward to when you find a solution outtathebox (Dr John Sarno's books for starters). Agonizing pain is a horror that many people do not understand, due to lack of experience with it.

  4. "That actually happens often, I think, when important messages and important people come to us in unusual ways. We gotta be open to hearing what is being said." I really like that statement Sarah. I hope the appointment goes well and that you receive advice and help that will be good for you! Sending lots of love! B'hatzlacha!

  5. Best wishes, sweetie. I PRAY something positive comes from this appointment!

  6. Help comes from many sources. You put your clear intention out into the Universe and were heard. The phone call, virtually immediate appointment (!), someone to watch the kids, … When you’re doing what you “should”, everything falls into place. And it’s so easy. Much positive energy coming.