Friday, April 24, 2015

An awesome week

It's been quite a week for Israel. In a way, it's one of the most important weeks in the calender year, partly because secular and religious Jews alike feel deeply about these specific yearly commemorative days. This week was the juxtaposition of our memorial day for the fallen soldiers in Israel's wars (all of them), and that is directly followed on it's heels by Israel Independence day. It is a juxtaposition of mourning and joy, which defines so much of the meaningfulness and poignancy of Israel. Both days got me directly in the middle of my heart, where pain and joy lie. A siren sounds in the evening, and the late morning, all over the country at the same time. Drivers on the roads (I was on a highway in the late morning) come to a complete halt, even on the busiest roads, and go outside their car to stand, out of respect and remembrance for the fallen. It makes me cry each and every time, and I've been here for nearly 20 years. The entire country comes to a standstill, no matter *what* anyone is doing, and stands silently for the two minutes of the blast of the siren. Can you picture that? This year, on my mind was my own oldest child, who recently received his first call-up to present himself to the army for being counted. He's 16. They get drafted at 18, or whenever high school is completed, which ever happens first. It hit me *hard* when I got that piece of mail with the insignia of the army on it, addressed to my first-born son. Every mother here experiences that. We are still at least two years away (one can put it off for longer for different types of higher learning, and Dov is considering that option), but this year, during the memorial day siren, his handsome face kept creeping into my mind, even though I was trying to concentrate on those fallen, and their mothers and families.

Israel Independence day brought with it wonderful festivities! There is *nothing* like Israel Independence day, as celebrated in Israel. Each year for 15 years now, we have a close group of about 30 people (adults and kids... some kids who have turned into near-adult kids over the time!) meeting up at different locales to barbecue and enjoy each other. This happens only once a year, on Yom Ha'atzma'ut (Independence day), so it is very sacred, special, and looked forward to! This year it was at my house. It was so much fun! Lots and lots of meat (and non-meat) was grilled, with all the fixings of a wonderful barbecue. For dessert (yes, in the desert, guys!) we partook in the official traditional dessert for the day, our friend Ariella's "flag cakes". These are two cakes, one vanilla and one chocolate, both with white frosting and blue stripes and Jewish star, exactly like our Israeli flag. Before we cut into the beautiful cakes, we all sing "happy birthday" to the state. It's fun, funny, emotional, and sentimental all rolled into one song! Top that off with beer, good stories and good friends catching up, and you have one very special, inspirational, stirring day. Yes, I'm exhausted, but everyone helped so much with setting up and clearing up, I don't think I was more busy than I usually am at these yearly parties, when we travel somewhere to celebrate. Unfortunately, I was in so. much. pain all day, that put a damper on things for me, but you know me, I tried not to show it. Those who know me well, however, know. Today I had to lay low, as pain and dizziness (and my usual problematic headache) crept in every time I tried to accomplish something. But to my friends from the party- do NOT feel bad- at ALL- this would happen anyway, and I wouldn't miss this day if my life depended on it! And I'm glad it was at my house. It gave me pleasure to open my house up to you all. Made good use of the space. :)

on more mundane subjects...

No results yet from the CT scan. I hope to get them on Sunday. Because of the holidays this week things were closed and usual things took longer.

I need to look into the source of the right thigh joint pain. Hopefully the results of the CT will shed light on that matter. If not, I'm going to have to go to bat for an early MRI, as my usual follow-up MRI isn't until July. Something is wrong, and I know it.

As far as the daily headaches, they were supposed to get better when the insomnia got better (from the Fentanyl weaning). Well, the insomnia is gone; I am sleeping much better, and I still get almost daily headaches. I take *lots* of Excedrin. I have to see my neurologist again. These headaches are awful (what headaches aren't? And these are almost daily.) I have no idea what they are from, since I stopped the weaning five weeks ago. I still have a few more doses to go until zero, but it's been so long that I've been steady on the present dose that it no longer makes sense why I am getting these headaches.

I am back to seeing my healer, who I used to see a few years back. I had to stop seeing her because of the long-distance driving/drowsy issue, but since I take much less Fentanyl now, the driving is better. I still get drowsy, so it's still not 100%, but it is important for me to be proactive in my own healing, on a larger scale. The twice I've seen her have been extremely beneficial to me. I am working on some dietary changes, as well as doing emotional work. It is helping me, and I feel stronger (emotionally, if not physically for the time being) for it.

OK, it's almost Shabbat, I have to go shower and get ready.
Shabbat Shalom to all, and to all a great weekend!

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  1. great post! may we celebrate many more years of the rebirth of the state, always with family and good friends.