Sunday, May 3, 2015

Turning over a new leaf

Sarah, prototype A was before NF.
She was a powerhouse. Her power source, however, burned out unexpectedly, and it crashed. The team then went to work on launching Sarah, prototype B. It took lots of time, lots of technicians, lots of false starts, debugging, and sensitivity. Many specialists were brought in to consult on this project. Finally, after some immeasurable period of time, prototype B was created. I wouldn't exactly say "launched", because that prototype kind of emerged instead of launched. Here is the day it sprouted it's tiny sprout into existence: April 11th, 2011. It grew to a healthier sprout thereafter, but the steamroller that Sarah kept trying to stay ahead of did roll over it a few times. It needed speed, more nutrients, more vitality, and it needed an earlier start to the day so it can stay far ahead of the steamroller, which is how it viewed what we call life.

After many years of being back at the blackboard, so to speak, Sarah, prototype B made a conscious attempt to reboot. She went to a naturapath, who many reliable people told her would be able to help her bust through and emerge from the spout to a stronger, more nourished plant.

Her hopes were dashed with the first attempt because the naturapath didn't come to the meeting. That day she was more depleted, but the ever-present steamroller was not close to catching up, thankfully. She had more time. Hopes renewed, she traveled the distance again to see the naturapath, energy bank temporarily restored, even without proper nutrition and care.

The naturapath rejected the entire premise of the plan! He told her, in no uncertain terms, that prototype 2 has too many bugs, and he is no miracle worker. He called her a "victim", the exact word that slows her down and allows the steam-roller to catch up. That word, to this unbalanced sprout called prototype 2, equals malnutrition. The naturapath dashed her spirits, and she even cried after the meeting, spilling precious water supplies from the source of her being.

Spirits dashed, drooping with sleepiness, and malnourished, Sarah prototype 2 went to hibernate again. The rains (all the little prototypes called kids) came, so it was enough to sustain her. But sustenance from the outside is more temporary than inner sustenance. We know this from vast experimentation over many years, really since prototype 1 crashed.

One very sunny and beautiful day, after all the rains had passed, she again garnered her strength and decided to go another distance. Not as far as the first distance, but the difference here is that since she cut way down on the use of pesticides and chemicals, she was less sleepy and more able to drive her own car to this special place, to this special technician... a Healer, and a dear friend, who she has known for many years, friends from the old days as prototype 1.

The last time Sarah saw this healer/friend was two years ago. She had stopped going to her because of those pesticides and chemicals; they made her dangerously sleepy to drive long distances. Now, with the new energy granted from cutting down on the chemicals, Sarah was happy to resume healing sessions with this comforting, soothing, gentle, loving woman.

There was a new element to these sessions, though, that Sarah didn't expect, and didn't know what to make of. Her friend, Miriam Maslin, had new training and new techniques for healing. It wasn't like it used to be. Sarah, of course, was resistant. She had had enough of new things; she wanted only the simple, wholesome, enveloping energy that her friend always had on hand. But the friend was quite sure that this new technique was the way to help Sarah flourish.

So, Sarah, being the basically trusting and open sprig that she is, agreed to be analyzed by this strange machine Miriam Maslin introduced her to, called "Bio-tensor". (there isn't a Wikipedia article for that, even!)

The machine went about analyzing her physical structure, damages, and shortages of chlorophyll and other enzymes. Liver- weak. Needs enzymes. Kidneys/spleen/skin/hair- in desperate need of enzymes and nutrients in order to thrive. Scar interference with skin (from the huge steamroller that managed to trap her underneath- temporarily- when she had NF), Anemia. She also tested positive for a fungus called Candida. That is a fungus that grows on and inside many plants and beings. It can become systemic, spreading it's yeast spores all over delicate internal organs and wreak havoc. Part of the solution is to stop feeding it sugars. Sarah used sugars as fast energy, but it's not real energy. No life force can survive for an extended period of time only on sugars. Miriam also suggested that Sarah put drops in her soil twice a day to help eradicate the Candida.

It was a lot for Sarah to take in. And all from this strange machine. Sarah was still resistant, but decided to try to cut down sugars to see if it helped. The drops stayed on her table beside her for some time- a few days- before she decided to give those a try. She cut down a bit on sugar, but it was so hard. Mostly because she didn't feel strongly that this machine could possibly help her situation. Nobody else in the world (her world, anyway) used it on her before. She had never even seen one before. She didn't think it was worthwhile to rely on this information from the machine, or to base any dietary changes on it's analysis. So, she kept eating the Oreos. :)

The next week she went back to Miriam Maslin. She was honest about her resistance, and told her that it won't help to do these treatments that she recommended. She missed therapy with the "old Miriam Maslin", What made her go back, though, is that she trusts Miriam thoroughly and unconditionally. Somewhere, in Sarah's being, she knew that this Miriam healer woman was the right address for her. She felt sustenance from her.

That next meeting they discussed where the resistance is coming from. Why was Sarah resistant to taking proper care of herself? That was the base line question. We again worked with the strange bio-tensor thing. It was an eye-opening session.... Sarah learned some amazing things about herself, and her fears, with prompting from that machine! Miriam helped Sarah integrate each and every one of these 15 fears that we discovered. It was nothing like she had ever experienced before. She went home feeling unusually light and optimistic.

That day, Sarah, prototype 3 emerged. Why is it a whole new prototype? Well, Miriam explained it to her this way: We all have immense knowledge. Sarah had all the knowledge she needed to be nourished and cared-for. She could very well care for herself in an ideal way based on her knowledge. There wasn't much Sarah didn't know about a proper diet and nutrients. Even Sarah's main doctor in the health clinic told her she has Candida. That was a year ago!

So, we can have this knowledge, and not have it sink into our beings. Miriam said that it is a long way from our brains to our hearts. And on that long way, there is the throat... it is like a narrow straight that is very hard for knowledge to pass through. What made it even harder is that prototype two had lots of hard knocks. Surgeries, medicines, and trying to mother her four little sprouts. Fast and easy sugar/white flour were the shortcuts She depended on, and had no energy to think about changes.

So, prototype 3 has had a week of treating herself for Candida, both dietary and with the special drops. She also now takes other nutrients and supplements, and has drastically cut down on sugar, yeast, and white flour. That week was the First Week of the rest Of her Life. She felt it in every cell of her being. She cannot go back to what was. She feels GREAT, She completely had forgotten what that felt like. She has tremendous energy to flourish, and even is beginning to wake up in the mornings earlier to greet the day. Hard to believe, but true. (the headaches, although not completely gone, are getting much better, also!)

This is the first time since she stopped being prototype 1 that she felt great, consistently, for more than one or two days. And she knows how it happened; it wasn't by a roll-of-the-dice. She has a formula that she understands, on a very deep level, that diet+nutrients+supplements+ CARING FOR ONESELF is her KEY to blossoming! Oh, and lots of TLC. All plants and animals need TLC. Thank you, Miriam Maslin, for the TLC, the bio-tensor machine, and your warmth and
See you when you return from your travels.


  1. I cannot tell you how much I loved reading this one....

  2. I love your fairytale!!! What a nice thing to read.

  3. This is exciting and gives me inspiration. I have to cut down on the surgar! Keep us posted on your progress.

  4. Hooray! I knew you had it in you.

  5. they say prototype 3 is a charm. The words are beautiful and encouraging. Keep watering those sprouts{{QQQ}}

  6. So happy! Thank you

  7. How exciting!!! Wow! Can I go get this machine to analyze me? :-)

    Keep it up, and keep me informed. I want to know this prototype 3!

    Hugs, Jackie

    1. Hi Jackie,
      I know, right? I still think it is beyong [twilight zone music] strange, but hey, I decided to be open to it (nothing else was working!), and somehow it (and the practitioner using it- I really think that is more than half the success of using the machine) pointed me in the exact right direction.

      Check it out with natural practitioners in your area. Ask naturapaths or anyone who is into healing if they have heard of it (Biotensor healing). You never know who may know something! Never hurts to ask. Do you know healing practitioners there?


  8. Hi Sara 3,

    This was the most amazing blog!! Getting rid of the negatives in your body, the chemical medication side and also negative emotional thoughts and feelings are both important elements in healing. Each person can navigate and determine his/her own healing!
    But to get to the recovery stage you need to believe in yourself, that this is the you you can be, that you deserve optimal care for yourself.
    This is true for all of us, even just living the everyday crazy life here and not just people who are battling these horrible pain and medication monsters.

    The first thing I learned in parenting and when giving classes on parenting, is that we need to take care of ourselves in order to be better and more effective parents. That is so hard to achieve. so CONGRATS.

    Big hugs,
    And how are you feeling and holding up, a few days later?

    1. Hi Hadassa,
      I know, right? It is still unbelieveable to me, as well. Actually I have had a setback for the past two days, because I am going off the Lyrica, but it is temporary. Oh, also last night i had 4 marshmallows at the fire, and now I have had a headache all day. Coincidence? Me thinks not.

      You are so right that a person has to come to their own decision to take their health into their own hands. I think, over these years, I have done that on a lesser or greater degree inconsistently, but something now is deeper, more concrete. It gets more concrete each time i decide to take care of myself better. Constantly growing up, right? Like in a "what do I want to be when i grow up" kinda way.

      I do understand that we have to take care of ourselves in order to be able to take care of others, but when the illness/weakness goes on for so long, there are many points where i put my kids before me because if I keep putting myself first, they wouldn't have a mommy. Anyway, it is a delicate balance.

      we need to get together! I would really like that.
      How is Tamar?