Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Two weeks after surgery

That first week after surgery was really ok! I felt strong, albeit in pain, but I felt strong. In fact, I was feeling so well, I was shocked. All the other surgeries I just remember feeling like a dish rag for months thereafter.

Now two weeks have past, I can report that on the bright side, the pain is lessening, and healing very well. I haven't started physical therapy yet (waiting for the insurance company to get it underway), but I am walking pretty well, very minimal pain. And the pain I do have is *not* where it used to be before the surgery. That specific pain is gone. What I feel now is post-surgical pain, which I am expecting will continue healing.

But O. M. G... I am so profoundly exhausted, sometimes I cannot even see straight. I am sleeping a lot. I am not doing much during the days, mostly I'm home morning/noon/night. Good -...no-wonderful friends are doing the driving. Shifra had been telling me for a while that she needed new school shirts (they have to wear any solid color shirt to school, with the school logo/emblem ironed onto it). She doesn't have much free time, she practices ballet three times a week, and is in a special science program after school also. So, yesterday I asked our friend if he had time in his afternoon to take us to the store to pick up school shirts for her and for Azriel.
That went smoothly, everyone got what they needed, and we got home. I made a fresh dinner (not just left-overs with a pot of rice), and wound up having a late night. Actually, the late night was because of all four kids- phone calls with Dov, Ya'akov, and a few organizational calls for them, test studying, and combing for lice (teachers request to all parents).

I am so insanely exhausted today, I honestly don't know how I'm going to get out of bed soon to welcome the kids home and make food. Going out is out of the question.

I had forgotten what this every-cell-in-my-body-is-drained feels like. It's post-surgical. Everything is exhausting. I don't know how long it'll last, but I am just telling myself that I need to listen to my body, rest when I can, and don't push it. I want to help this surgery to be successful. That includes starting physical therapy ASAP. Don't know when I'll be able to drive again, but when that happens, my energy level and recovery start playing on a new ball field... a harder one.

I am supposed to start taking a medicinal food-type supplement now, prescribed by my surgeon. It's for acute arthritis problems. It's powder which dissolves into a glass of water. I'm supposed to take it for 90 days... the possible side-effects are scary (a few of which are possible dizziness or exhaustion!!). I don't like starting new medicinal things, but this is supposed to help the surgery be successful, as well, so I gotta stay with the program.

OK, going to try to get it together- the kids will be busting in the door soon. Azriel has his guitar lesson, Shifra has ballet, and the beat goes on. Tomorrow I have to bring Azriel to get his braces put on...! OK, one day at a time.

Gonna make a cuppa coffee........
I really just want to go back to bed for another few hours. That is what my body wants. Planning on an early night.


  1. surgery takes it's toll. Don't be too hard on yourself...patience and no choice-lots of rest.

    1. I seem to have forgotten that profound exhaustion feeling after each surgery. You'd think it'd be familiar by now.

  2. Sounds challenging, but still good. I hope the recovery continues well, and that the exhaustion is solved soon. Hang in there!
    Hugs, Jackie

  3. I hear that your body is healing and it is taking its right time. You don't like that it does but it does anyway.
    I recommend you have green drinks to help the healing too and improve energy. But know that exhaustion is usual post op.
    Please be patient and tolerant with yourself and with the process, even if you need to sleep for days, it takes what it takes. Surrender... this too shall pass... this is passing...
    much love adn refua shlema darling

  4. Dear, dear Sarah,

    Please remind yourself that this stage is only temporary – post-op. Do keep listening to your body. You can do it! And you will get through it. And, my dear, know that the friends who come through for you are the same ones you would help in a heartbeat!
    Keep your chin up, girl!

  5. Dear Sarah, prayers with love and hugs for Refuah shlemah .This too shall pass, love and hugs . Elizabeth

  6. My kids loved “nice fresh leftovers.” It was one of their favorites. I have been making a lot of that here, too, because I always cook too much for two.
    Refu’a shelema