Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Migraine crisis continues

For whatever reason, this is still proving to be an uphill battle with the migraines.

I have had a migraine every day (usually coming in late evening) for a few weeks, and 4-5 times a week for about a year. It's completely outta hand. This is the first time, since I got sick in 2007, that I can finally concentrate on how to be cured of the migraines. There was always much bigger problems to deal with.

Going to try to see my neurologist tomorrow, but no promises if he'll be able to see me. I don't have an appointment for tomorrow; I don't have a real one till June, and there is nothing "available" sooner. I have to just sit there tomorrow and hope to be Israeli enough to get in to see him.

So, until I have more information, or have a direction to go, I am kind of flailing, trying different things. I've changed my diet a lot... hoping something will help. Lately I've also tried the Cannabis oil (medical marijuana in oil drops) which I got so many months ago and never really gave much of a chance. I've tried it for two nights in a row now, the first night having a better result than the second. The second night, last night, not only did I take it pretty late (3am), but too many drops came out at once. It still hasn't really worn off, at 4pm. I couldn't really function this morning, but was able to do Tai Chi, thankfully. Now I know that I have to prepare the drop beforehand, so if it is late at night I won't make mistakes, and be "out of it" all morning. I still think it is not the right species of plant for me. I have decided, after doing some research on migraines and cannabis, to go for a meeting to see how we can change what I have, to see if perhaps another species of the marijuana plant (with different balance of CBT and THC) would be better for me. I called the supplier that is registered through my medical marijuana license, and I have an appointment for Tuesday to have counseling regarding the best one for me. I hate trying new medicines, not knowing what effect it'll have on me, but I have a gut feeling that this may be worth it. The medical marijuana can help not only with the migraines, but also sleep, and appetite (which I have very little of the past few weeks). I wonder if I can use it as a sort of "crutch" to start going off the sleeping pills. That's something I need my neurologist for.

I am also doing acupuncture for easing the migraines. I honestly don't know what will help, but hopefully it's in the category of "couldn't hurt".

This is all so scary. I know it sounds all very logical and clear-cut to you, but I am terrified by it all at this point. Mostly I'm terrified of getting a 'sit-in-the-dark-and-cry' type of migraine, terrified of trying to go off sleeping pills, and terrified of trying new forms of medical cannabis. What will happen this time? There are so many possibilities of what could happen with a new medicine.

This is what my migraines usually feel like, starting from behind the eyes.

Truth is I don't want to be on *anything*.

Let's pray for that, OK? That soon, I'll be able to get off sleeping pills (other prescription meds, also- I want to be off everything), sleep at nights, get the migraines under control, and feel WELL. (That means eating well, too.... that is a very hard goal when in the middle of a migraine crisis. I have not much appetite, and don't know what to eat that I am not risking having a "trigger").

Getting the beginnings of one right now, as the cannabis oil drops from 3am are *finally* wearing off..... Lord help!!


  1. I'm so sorry about the migraines, Sarah.

    1. thanks. All pity accepted. ;]
      somehow, this is just want is "up" for me to take care of. Just when I thought I was on the other side of the pain circus.

  2. hi sare, hang in there...

    here is a "recipe" that has worked for my friend's sister, and for my daughter Shoshana as well:

    "Most important:
    I take 3 pills of Magnesium Citrate (200mg per pill)
    I take 3 pills of B2 (100 mg per pill)
    I take one Feverfew pill a day
    I take 1 B12 and 1 B6 most days

    -I started with 2 magnesium and 2 B2 vitamins a day, and it helped tremendously, but eventually wasn't enough. Drink plenty of water. I went from 2-3 migraines a month, down to one a year after doing this consistently."

    may this year's exodus be from pain to good health.

    love, Dev.

  3. Those are all vitamins that I was put onby Dr. Litman. Oh, except thefeverfew.... I may try that. I take 1000 magnesium over the course of the day, and the other stuff (b12) as well. I do have to drink more, I am sure that will help.
    Thanks, Dev. love you XOXOXO

  4. Hi Sarah

    it is not always easy to make the proper connections. that is why a food diary can be helpful.
    esp if you notice it is worse after a certain drink, snack or food.

    some people recommend eliminating all but basics and then adding foods back in slowly
    so it is easier to track. Maybe with the passover diet changes this will be possible.

    My Ex used to never touch caffeine as she used it when she felt pre-migraine
    symptoms to avoid a migraine. I think she had said sugars were also a big part.
    if you eat foods high in sugars... it lurks everywhere.
    btw be careful if you use excedrin migraine. I was taking that for bad headaches
    caused by my glasses (and increased the coffee) and ended up with an ulcer... now healed!!

    my sister has long suffered from bad migraines....and has had to go to the hospital
    for injections to help her feel better. perhaps she has some good input for you.

    I hope you feel better soon!

    Love David

    1. Hi David,

      I take Excedrin *all the time*. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, but it is one of my only tools at the moment. I often take it together with Advil to combat the migraine... works a little. I certainly don't want to get an ulcer. Not *that* is what is missing in my life!

      I don't drink caffeine. Gives me a migraine.

      Thanks for the words of caution, and advice. Working on it....

      kol tuv!!

    2. Hi Sarah

      I understand, I loved it but as soon as my doc heard I was taking he said that was the reason and to switch to tylenol....
      I just googled and found http://www.ehealthme.com/ds/excedrin/stomach+ulcer

      I wonder if not taking on ampty stomach would be a precaution?
      Good Luck and feel better!

    3. 9 times out of 10 I take it on an emptystomach when I wake up with the migraines.
      Gonna read your article now... whether I want to see it or not.


    4. sorry do not want to worry you but my gastro doctor zeroed in on that. the ulcer is now healed BH
      and it is really hard to say what really caused it
      I was drinking a lot of coffee at the time but he seemed convinced enough that I thought it worth sharing.....
      the empty stomach thing was me guessing not based on known fact....

  5. Oh my gosh Sarah , of course you are terrified!
    You are my hero. If you got of the fentanyl - you can do ANYTHING!!!!!
    it will all come in good time. In the mean time I am giving you a big warm loving hugggggg

  6. me too. HUGGGG For Sarah. All Join In!

  7. Thinking of you and praying for your good health!


  8. Oh my, I could not imagine having a migraine every day! I feel for you. I cannot even imagine how tough that must be. I really hope you find some sort of relief soon, whether it is through a prescription medication or alternative means. I will be thinking of you with my fingers crossed!