Monday, April 4, 2016


For whatever reason, Hashem has decided that I have more work to do regarding pain.
He and I don't share the same opinion on that, though.

While my hip pain, on both sides, is almost completely gone (I never thought the day would come that I could say that), it feel like I just switched one pain for another.

My migraines have gotten so bad, it's almost too much to bear. I sat in a darkened room yesterday evening, crying, my head feeling like it is splitting open. That was day two of the migraine, including all night. And again, all night last night. The only thing that can help me sleep when it hurts this bad is Percocet. It doesn't really do much for the pain (Percocet is a narcotic, which don't work for migraines), but it does take a bit of the edge off, and helps me to be able to settle into sleep. You can imagine I must be *very* desperate, for me to put any narcotic into my body. I also listen to soothing music in earphones when I am trying to sleep with pain.

My migraine medicine (Zomig) does not work *at all* anymore. I can take a pill, not feel an effect, take another an hour later, and still no relief. Completely useless. It *used* to work. My migraines have become immune to it.

They have been getting worse over the past few months. I don't (yet) know why. Yesterday I went to my optometrist to see if my new glasses prescription I got about six weeks ago is a problem. He tested my eyes again. He did find one possible thing that may need to be corrected, but I am supposed to use eye drops three times a day for a week then tell him if that helped. I may need to have my glasses revised, but I am not convinced that the intense migraines are from that.

Today is day three of the headache (except for Saturday daytime, when I didn't have it at all, thankfully- I got to really enjoy our guests! But the Saturday night migraine was *horrific*). Today I called my Tai Chi instructor who also does acupuncture and Shiatsu, and asked if he has experience with migraines. He said yes, and came today to do a treatment. It was interesting, but of course, not magic- you have to do a series of treatments to see results. I'll do another on Wednesday.

I have been trying to reach my neurologist, but he is so hard to reach. I am going to try to catch him in his office like I have done in the past, but I'm no longer sure of his office hours, and his clinic says he's not in until next Wednesday, and it's booked solid, for months. I have an appointment in June, but my problem is Now. He'll probably just prescribe another migraine medicine (a few of which I am already allergic to). I think it is all stemming from the sleeping problems and sleeping pills, but at this point, I have so many migraines, that I am not sure. I'm interested to see if he has a suggestion to help getting off sleeping pills, but probably not a suggestion I want to try (like substituting it for another medicine).

Yesterday after the optometrist, with a raging migraine, I drove a half hour to see the doctor I have been seeing regarding vitamins and supplements... Dr. Litman. We will "tweak" some of my vitamin etc regimen, see if that helps. There is something I've been taking (amino acids) that may be effecting my nervous system in the brain, so I'm going to cut that out. It's all a long process to get healthy.

As someone who has had the flesh eating bacteria understands intimately- it takes one tiny bacteria to take a whole life down in a matter of hours... it takes many many years to build it back up.
Once the body loses it's inner balance of health, it seems as if it will never be the same.
Now it's the migraines and needing to address the sleeping pill problem. It seems just too hard.


  1. Long ago you were using magnets for migraines...any reason to try again? Hope a solution is found quickly.

    1. I totally forgot about that, believe it or not. I still have the magnet necklaces, and a few other Nikken items from that time. I might as well put them back on and try it. See? There are good reasons to write a blog!

    2. Have you tried Rizalt under tongue tablets? I found they helped. Also believe it or not Acamol focus seems to help. And if all else fails I used to make myself throw up. I hope it goes away soon. BTW there's a pressure point under the eyebrows that can help if you gently massage it.

    3. I had an allergic reaction a few years ago to Rizalt. Throat swelled up, wound up in the ER. I'm allergic to a few different families of migraine meds, unfortunately.
      Thanks, though!

  2. Sarah, from one who has suffered migraines for over fifty years and is still sufffering and yes my migraines have also gotten worse in the last few months have tried botox Dr Farkas does them expensive I had it done in Toronto works needs to be done every 3 months or so but Dr Farkas is relatively easy to get to see I am debating whether to have it done now take care

    1. ​Hi Ellen,
      Thanks! I am just actually learning about the whole Botox thing, I had never heard of it used for migraines before. Your daughter (Tova) also wrote to me on Facebook that you have been using it and it works. So, I went to Dr. Google, and there are a zillion articles about it.

      Who is Dr. Farkas? What sort of dr is he? Is it private or cupat cholim? How much do you pay? I understand it's every three months... have you had any side effects?

      Thanks for any wisdom and experience you can impart! :)

  3. Is it possible you might have a pillow problem? For a while I was getting headaches every day, and I suddenly realized that my pillow seemed very flat. I added a second pillow, and pouf, headaches gone. It turned out I was having neck pain that radiated into my head, and I really only felt it in my head. My headaches weren't migraines, but it's something to think about.

    1. I wish it were something that easy. I have a great bed and great pillow- best in the house. smile emoticon I'm very comfortable in bed. This is true migraine, complete with nausea and vomiting. I hope to see my neurologist soon....
      XOXO to you, Leenie!

    2. Have you tried acupuncture? It certainly helped me.

    3. I just had my secind one yesterday. Doing a course of ten... we'll see! I am planning to see a nutritionist, also.

  4. Sarah --

    We've only met briefly, but I wanted to write and say that I'm thinking of you as you battle your migraines. I'm so sorry that you're experiencing this difficult time and so impressed at your generosity to your friend and her daughter, even while you're not feeling well yourself. I do hope that you will see your neurologist soon and that he will be able to help. Meanwhile, I hope that your children bring you great joy and some distraction from your pain and discomfort.

    Best wishes for a very happy Pesach. Love to you, Robert, and the kids,


    1. Hi Sandy, thanks for writing,

      I had to ask Robert to refresh my memory as to which relation you are. I understand, if we're not wrong, that you are Howard's aunt... Issy's sister?

      Yes, the migraines are really a problem these days, but I'm trying different things to break the cycle.

      We are going to Howard and Chaya (in Tzfat) for Pesach seder and most of chol hamoed (Michel is coming, too), it's really exciting. :)

      Again, thanks for writing. I appreciate the reaching out.

      You and yours also have a happy Pesach, and lots of health and naches