Friday, July 8, 2016

Hanging in there over here

What a time this is. It's good, it's hard, it's togetherness, it's a Very Sad Dad. (and it's lots of food.)

me and mom in her home hospital bed, last summer

In other news, I got the results from my brain MRI.
There is one finding, and I don't know what sort of significance it has. Since we were looking for 'no findings', I was a bit thrown off to see a "something".

It is some sort of spot in my left frontal lobe, in the white matter. The report says it's non-specific. That's it.

Gotta call my neurologist at some point.

We are going to the Connecticut house on Sunday. We are taking my dad with us. It'll be a much needed break for all of us. Mom's aide, Nina, hasn't taken a vacation in over a year, she was very sensitive to my mother's anxiety when she wasn't around. So, she will get a greatly deserved vacation, too. She needs it. She's like the unrecognized mourner here, she loved my mom very much. She was much more than a physical aide. Not only did she keep my mom glowing (four years in bed and no bed sores) with her hair done and nails polished, she was also like a therapist to her. Whenever mom would get down, Nina would boost her spirits. She would remind mom of her wonderful husband, great children, and six beautiful grand children. She gave her a reason to go on when my mom felt helpless and useless stuck in bed 24/7. I always told Nina that it was because of her that I could sleep at night.

The house we are renting is on a lake, with use of canoes and row boats. I am very much looking forward to it, and it'll be so good for my father to get away from the house after this intense week of shiva. It'll be good for all of us.

In the mean time, tomorrow is the last day of shiva, then we'll have Shabbat here at the house.

Thank you for your tremendous outpouring of love and support at this really sad time. It means so much to me, especially since I am not with my friends and community here in New York. (although there have been visits from a few Be'er Sheva friends! That was awesome.)

Shabbat shalom


  1. Love to you and your family, Sarah.

  2. So sorry we couldn't be with you.
    Sending hugs and best wishes for Shabbat Shalom, healing and a wonderful time by the lake next week.

  3. Have a peaceful Shabbat and a glorious week at the vacation place. We don't want to hear from you while you're having fun. Give into the sounds of nature. Sending love and kisses to you and all your family.