Tuesday, September 9, 2008


It's been a very long & tiring day, and I need to make some adjustments in the Tuesday schedule so I'm not left this way half way through. I'm just sore and run-down feeling at the moment.

I am in a quandary situation. It has to do with some paperwork I need to file for postponement of my student loans. I didn't work much at all last year, and I was collecting disability, and this year as well. So, the consolidation organization I deal with has what they call a "temporary disability deferment" that I can apply for in order to have a year deferment with no interest accruing. Sounds right up my alley, right? Well, in filling out these forms, I realize a clause in tiny print that says that the medical information must be provided and signed by an American board certified medical doctor. Ummm, what if you live overseas? So, I dropped the pen and called them. After I worked up the phone ladder to the supervisor of the supervisor, it turns out that *only if* an American certified doctor can provide this information and sign it, will I be eligible for this deferment. I said, of course, "but I've lived in Israel for 13 years. I have Israeli doctors". No go, sorry ma'am. Then they suggested I take a forbearance with interest accruing daily. What an honor... NOT!
So, my dilemma is difficult. The only doctor I have who is certified in the US is the surgeon I just wrote that letter to (but haven't sent, and may not, actually, but for other reasons). I don't want to ask him for any favors. It's not actually a favor, he should do it because he was my doctor, but it's not something I want to deal with. I don't have any other doctors who could sign this who are also American doctors. It is an absurd clause they have, but rules are rules.

I have to mull over this for a while (but not tonight, I'm wiped out), and try to find a solution. Any suggestions?

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