Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Feeling melancholy...

My surgeon sent me a text this morning about "when is a good time to call". I responded only with a time "12:30". He didn't call back. I think he may have caught wind of the lawsuit starting. (no, I didn't send the letter, and I don't plan to any time soon).

I gave away my maternity clothes today to a pregnant friend.
The crib is sold and out of the house.
The changing table goes this week, also. Azriel's room is so empty.

Had a lymphatic treatment and talked about my fears with every ache and pain I get.

Waiting for blood test results about the spontaneous bruising I'm experiencing. I Loathe the possibility of changing antibiotics because of this reaction. More trial periods to see if I'm sensitive, and dealing with reactions if I am.

And I have a dear friend who's baby is dying in the hospital. She was born 2 months ago with a brain development problem, and is dying with seizures and blue episodes and convulsions. She is a beautiful baby with sparkling eyes. Her name is Noeme (like "no-M").

Just feeling melancholy.

By the way, I have no feeling for who is reading here. I'd love some people to leave comments so I know you are with me. Or, write me an email. I know of three or 4 people who read, but did we lose a lot of loyal readers with the switch over?


  1. Hi Sarah,

    I'm reading here but don't usually comment. I appreciate reading about your experiences and feel for you during the ups and downs. Sorry about the current melancholy!

    Aimee from oct98

  2. Hi Sarah, I read here too, but I'm not a commenter either. Sorry a bunch of things are happening right now that are making you sad.
    Rachel (oct98)

  3. I'm reading here, but not always commenting (although I think I have). I hope the physician doesn't compound his error by refusing to sign a form that helps you deal with a situation he helped create. And I hope your next days have more joy than sorrow.

  4. I'm reading sporadically too. Don't generally comment but do read all your entries.

    Sounds like a hard time for you right now. I'd go ahead and get the doc to sign your paperwork. Maybe your dh or a friend can help with it so it's a little removed from you.