Friday, September 12, 2008

solution to dilemma, puppies

Problem solved. Our pediatrician is originally American, and we have a very close relationship. I simply asked her if this is something she can do (about signing the disability deferment form for the American student loan consolidation company), and she said "sure! Bring it by tomorrow"! So I came today after all her patients left, and she wrote all about my case and signed it with her American license number to refer to as well. She did ask to see the wound, which she had only heard about but never seen. She wanted to make sure that if she got a call somehow from them, she could say she saw the wound and she could describe the problems. So, I flashed her Gapey, and she was eyebrow raising shocked. Most people who don't know what NF scarring/skin grafting looks like don't expect to see something like this. I told her I usually charge admission, but because she's doing me a favor, I'll waive it this time. :-)

So, that's taken care of. I faxed the form today to them. Hopefully they'll grant it.

The puppies are gorgeous. Their eyes are open, and one of the "Banditta"'s is starting to walk. Her little 2 inch tail wags and she wobbles out to explore. I see her sometimes in the middle of the garden, and then Emma comes and takes her by the scruff of her neck and plunks her back with the others. Moo is my favorite, Spot is lazy and always sleeping, Emma Junior is a little feisty one, always pushing others away to get the exact nipple SHE wants. The Bandits are so funny; 1 male & 3 females like that; tan with brown masks on their faces. One is so fat- she's the last one that was born, and the biggest. Go figure. I'm going to have to keep them in the doghouse soon (me & Sabrina built it last week) so they are safe.

It's almost Shabbat here, and most likely I'll have a birth to do tonight and/or tomorrow (my lady is starting an induction now because of high blood pressure). And then for the next 2 weeks I have some work with the Sinfonietta. It's the opening of the season in the new fancy concert hall.

I have another post to write about what's going on physically with me now (follow-up on the bruising, crazy pain sometimes that convinces me I have Celluitis again, living with fear of illness all the time), but I have no more time now. Next time.

Shabbat Shalom!

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  1. So glad you found a good solution that you are happy with. Emotional issues are so hard to deal with.