Thursday, November 20, 2008

After a year and a half of feeling unwell, I am consiedering a whole new approach to my health

OK, there's pain, and there's feeling general malaise... sick. Today went like this (as do many days)...
  1. Woke up tired, got myself out of bed.
  2. showered, felt good, leg pain livable, wrote blog about that.
  3. Had an easy morning, walked an easy 20 minutes with Emma.
  4. Crashed after the walk, couldn't even drive Robert to the bus station.
  5. Rested in bed until the boys got home (early day Thursdays).
  6. Got up to greet them, make lunch, carry on the day.
  7. Felt tired, dizzy & sickly all day from that point on. (but made challot and pizza anyway, like every Thursday)
  8. Spent all afternoon struggling to be human for my children, helping with homework from lying on the couch.
  9. thankfully, forced myself to go out with Robert to a concert, which we both enjoyed. I sat through it feeling dizzy, lightheaded & tired, shifting my leg a lot, but made it, and managed to enjoy myself despite it all.
Mornings: good, afternoons: crash begins, early evenings: the worst.
I am starting to think of trying out this doctor (MD from Canada) here who is very into balancing the body with vitamins (high doses sometimes), getting off antidepressants and sleeping pills and treating the body as a whole (not just a leg, a muscle, and nerves). He feels he can help with depression, pain, fatigue, and strengthen the immune system to fight infection. He knows already what I've been through, but I haven't actually gone to him for direct help yet. I am considering it. I am starting to see I need a fresh approach. This one isn't working.
Something's Got To Change.

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