Thursday, November 27, 2008

dealing with pain

Doing all right emotionally these past few days.

Just trying to deal with my leg pain, and trying not to obsess about what it may be. Yesterday I went to Dorit, and Robert came with me this time. It is time for him to learn lymph drainage because I just can't do it, and I've tried countless times. Dorit showed him how to do it, and he got it pretty quickly. The reason why I can't do it is because I can't stand to massage numb parts of my body. It is too strange, it feels like plucked chicken skin, but it is part of my body. My hands feel my body, but it is disconnected. I just can't get myself to be able to do it. So, Robert will.

We discussed the possibilities of what this pain may be. Her theory remains that it is bursitis. There is also another syndrome called compartment syndrome which is a possibility. It happens when the pressure on the capillaries of an injured area become compressed and cause inordinate pain, and there aren't too many other signs. The compression in this case may be the pressure garment which I wear every day, all day. It presses on the femoral artery which is, in my case, visible to the naked eye because it is covered by the thin skin graft. Also the swollen part (outer thigh) is pressed all day with the pressure garment. But, not wearing the pressure garment means trouble for gapey. It hurts, itches, and is quite inflexible without the pressure & pillow on it. There is no anatomical way to get pressure on gapey and not wrap it around the rest of the thigh/waist.

So, the MRI will show what it is, hopefully. If it is bursitis, that should be able to be treated with physiotherapy.

I'll start the evaluation process & get the MRI referral on Sunday.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans out there!

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