Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Canine update

The puppies all finally have good homes. Whew.
I can't believe we actually did that. We took in a pregnant street dog, gave her healthy space & food so she can have her babies here, saw them all be born (a litter of 7!), raised them, all 8 of the pack, built a large shelter for the pups to be kept safe, took part in the life cycle of puppies over the course of 3 months, went through the process of parting with each one individually, and here we are! Just us & Emma! Yay.

Since Emma finished nursing, we have started getting her immunized (rabies, worms, something else in Hebrew that I don't know what it is in English). We gave her a good bath today in the downstairs bathtub. Lots of liquid soap, scrubby brush, cleaned out her ears, the works. I even washed her collar before putting it back on her. She did the shaky-shaky afterward, all over us and the bathroom. :-) She is squeaky clean now. Then I cut her nails, gave her the flea treatment that she gets every 6 weeks, and showed her around the inside of our house for the first time. She sniffed all around every corner, stood by the door a bit, then eventually made herself comfortable on the rug. She rolled herself into a little ball to go to sleep, like a little cinnamon bun. I am just letting her out every few hours to 'do her thing' in her favorite spot in the corner of our back space (I hesitate to call it a yard... more like a dirt space the length of the house).

I am *so* relieved that the puppy chapter is over, and my Emma can mellow out in our house with me. :-)
It's the little things in life, right?


  1. Wishing you and Emma much well-earned, much needed mellowness.

    She should be a good friend and 'living teddy bear' for you to ease some of the pain and sadness and frustration...

    You should have a good Shabbat... and that should be the beginning of a *fabulous* week!

    Much strength and love (to you, Emma, Robert and the kids!)


  2. Ohhhhh - I can just see her lying on the rug :-). You must have been so pleased to have her 'squeeky clean'. Yet another baby for you to take care of... Enjoy sweetheart, you sure deserve it.

    Love, Rivka