Monday, November 10, 2008

The path is never straight, but we still have to put one foot in front of the other.

Well, less success today.
I didn't sleep well, so early rising in the morning didn't happen. That, for starters, always succeeds to make me feel sad.

Then I went to Dr. Bella, my psychiatrist, and she had nothing promising to say. When I asked her about the new therapist I am supposed to work with, her answers were: , "I hope she'll call by Sunday", "maybe by next week already", "if you don't hear from her by.... call me again", etc.
I lost it. I spoke angrily and said back "maybe??", "you hope"?

I am frustrated with the public mental health care. Medical health care is actually good, getting appointments on an urgent basis. But this is falling short of meeting the needs of the patient. I am stuck with it, though. If I tried to get someone on a private level, it'll also take weeks to find someone appropriate, and then there is the issue of 500NIS ($150.00 US) an hour, every week, not covered by any health plan. I have to wait patiently until this Dr. Lili (name of [English speaking] therapist I am supposed to work with) gets in touch with me.

I have to keep trying to have simple days, go for good walks, putting one foot in front of the other.


  1. dearest Sarah,
    it does seem that the sleep factor is the biggest obstacle to your healthy routine.

    so I will share with you a comment that is by now a Blachman family by-line - that Israel is a nation in pajamas. why? because the sweatsuits "training" that kids wear look like pajamas, and becasue kids stay up late, get up at the last minute (hence the aruchat esser as an institution to make up for skipped breakfasts) and in general go around tired for most of their lives. so in fact you're in good company...

    hope thngs get better


  2. I love you Sarah. Thanks for sharing.