Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The long road

Well, desperation about it all filled the air today. I cried with my dear friend Hilary when she came to visit me on her way to her work (midwife at Soroka). But, after she left, I finally got a phone call from the therapist from the hospital. We set up an appointment for a week from now, next Tuesday. She speaks English as her native tongue, and that was a relief to hear non-accented English on the phone.

My mood has turned around a bit since that call. I feel a bit of hope for some healing to begin now. She isn't the one in charge of the TMS treatments which I am suppose to get, but Robert spoke with that doctor a few days ago, and that will happen, but we don't know when. We'll have to keep following up on that. I hate chasing, as you all know.

I am going to the plastic surgery clinic this Sunday to check the grapefruit-sized swelling on my thigh, and get the paperwork for an immediate MRI. I consulted a nurse friend about the low red and white blood cell count, and she suggested that my body is fighting an infection, and resources are low because of it. That would explain the pain & low grade fever on a regular basis. Usually, the pain hits hardest midday to evening. Recently (today, yesterday) I felt it starting already with my morning walk with Emma. It is so frustrating & depressing to have constant pain with no diagnosis or treatment. Meanwhile, I take lots of Advil and rest as much as I can. I am crazy tired all the time.
Lord give me strength. That's the only place it comes from. I Made it this far... but this road is long. Will it end while I'm still young? It makes me feel old.

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  1. Sarah,
    A long road indeed, but you're on it with so many friends and family ready to be with you, and fight at every juncture toward a recovery for you (and I totally acknowledge the complexity of what that means)....don't forget to remind yourself that you can do this. One day at a time. With love always, Ariella