Monday, December 22, 2008

Miracles never cease

Happy Chanukah!
Last night was the first night of chanukah, and lighting the menorahs and giving gifts was a really great evening in our house. The menorahs were so beautiful, and everyone was happy with their gifts. We light one for each person in the house, so 6 menorahs burning on our stone windowsill is a beautiful sight. It is best, of course, on the 8th night when all the candles are lit. We like to take a traditional family picture on the 8th night, sitting at our table, in front of the menorahs.
We give gifts each night, so it is a very exciting and dramatic (I really should get Emma a new bone). The kids keep us all young with their pure joy. Thank Gd for kids.

If it were only me, alone, I'd be pretty obsessed with dealing with the hip/thigh swelling and pain. I have tried a few avenues for an earlier MRI, in Soroka, but no success yet. I am now basically down to *one* sleeping position... on my back with a big long pillow under my knees. Left side sleeping has been impossible since the NF, of course, and now right side sleeping is painful because of the angle of the left hip, no matter how many pillows I use. Stomach sleeping has been out since NF, also. I wake up in pain sometimes because I went onto the right side and stayed there too long.

Still basically maintaining pain levels with Tylenol and Advil. I am desperate for a diagnosis so I can start to get a physical therapist to help right the wrong. Dorit doesn't touch it, but she is 95% sure it is hip Bursitis. She does the lymphatic draining massage, reflexology, and massage for pain management each time I go to her. She is really great. But living with the swelling and daily pain is all encompassing. And, I hate hearing myself whine about it to Robert. I try not to, but I also try not to whine to anyone else, so he gets the main share of my hardship. Strong guy to deal with that and still lovingly support me.

Speaking of Robert, we are going out this evening for our 11th anniversary celebration dinner. Yay! Eleven years.... through 2 houses (and one house fire), 3 cars, 4 kids, meningitis (R had that 6 years ago), the loss of Robert's mother, my Necrotizing Faciitis, PTSD, 5 nannys, and so much more. I can see the abundance in our life together. I see it more clearly today than I ever have, and I thank Gd for that. I even thank Him for the opportunity to grow through the NF. Did you ever think you'd hear (see) me say that?
It's my Chanukah Miracle that I can feel that way.


  1. Happy Chanukah to you too! So glad to hear that you are enjoying the first day of Chanukah. I'd send some snow your way but I'm sure you wouldn't enjoy that. LOL.