Saturday, January 24, 2009

I gotta buy a lottery card

OK, I am serious when I say that my family has to take the sentence "what are the chances of that happening" out of our lexicon. Anyone who has had NF should be exempt from ever having to say that. Now, having said that, I've set the stage to tell you that now Shifra, my lovely 6-year-old red-headed daughter has *chicken pox* for the 2nd time! She woke us last night to say she didn't feel well at 2am or so (I was up already fighting a nasty migraine), and we gave her Acamol. This morning she went to synagogue, and started to feel quite sick by the end. She had a fever, so we came home & I gave her more Acamol. The thought crossed my mind about chicken pox (Azriel just had it 2 weeks ago), but I knew she already had it, and that she had been exposed to the virus numerus times since. But at lunch when she asked me to scratch her back, I got that sinking feeling in my stomach... and lifted her shirt. There they were, little constellation bumps, just starting their nasty lives. I knew exactly what I was looking at. Then, inspection showed them on the neck, belly and other areas as well.

No rest for the weary. She'll be home all week, and we just have to pray that she doesn't have it as bad as Azriel had it. She is sleeping now after the Benedryl, but I thoroughly expect that she'll be up some time(s) at night. :-(

This means, of course, another week without our favorite babysitter (who never had chicken pox). I have the MRI appointment in Jerusalem on Monday, and Robert has to work in Mitzpe Ramon all afternoon Monday. I called my cousin in Jerusalem, the one who came for a few days last week to help out. She is 20, finished with national service duty (in place of being drafted into the army), and just finished with the psychometric exam, has time on her hands, and, most importantly, has already had chicen pox! She said she'd come for a few days, and is coming tomorrow evening. Thank the Good Lord. That's the first half of the week taken care of, now we'll deal with the 2nd half soon.

Dov & Ya'akov have already had it, too, so can I assume that they are safe??!! AACK! They can't get the vaccine if they've had the illness already. So we just have to wait...

I'll get to the MRI on Monday, barring disaster. But, really, what *are* the chances??


  1. hi Sare, there is a vaccine for chicken pox, which might help. Also, I had chicken pox twice too, the first case was very mild. So depending on how severe Dov and Yaakov's cases were... hopefully you won't have to worry. What about you? did you have it?

    wishing you koach this week and always, Dev

  2. My eldest also had the chicken pox twice. Her first case was mild too just like Devorah. I don't think the second case is supposed to be too bad so hopefully Shifrah won't have it quite as bad as Azriel.