Sunday, January 25, 2009

Poor Shifra

Shifra is quite sick with the chicken pox. It's hard to see through to her healthy skin, there are so many bumps everywhere. Its going to be a long night. I took her to the doctor this evening because her fever wasn't going down with Acamol. The doctor (our beloved pediatrician) said she suspects a secondary infection is going on. She said the patches of spots on her back with red all around them look suspicious, and she thinks it's a staph infection going with the Ch Pox virus. That would explain the high fever (102), and the pain in her body. She couldn't walk today- Robert carried her from the couch to the bathroom, to the TV, and back again to the couch. She said it hurt to just move.
So, she's now on Augmentin, and we all have to just pray that she'll get over the worst of it soon. I am worried and scared. My sweet sunshiny girly! It's gut wrenching to see them suffer. I hate hearing the words "secondary infection". Wreaks havoc in my heart.

I still have to go to J'm tomorrow for the MRI. My cousin who was here to help out last week came back tonight, so that is a Godsend. Probably Robert will stay home from work tomorrow, also.

Life is so complicated sometimes. We just gotta put on our catcher's mitts and hope we catch the fly balls coming at us from all different directions.

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