Friday, January 2, 2009

Life with rocket attacks

Just a quick post here, a few minutes before Shabbat starts here.

So, there have been quite a number of rocket attacks, and the accompanying siren warning beforehand. We must drop what ever we are doing and get into a safe place. Inside, it is in our sealed room (steel reinforced walls & window, and shatterproof glass), and outside it is anywhere that looks safe. It could be in the stairway of the nearest building, or just lying flat where you are.

Out for a walk with Emma today, Azriel & Ya'akov were with me. Ya'akov asked every time we covered more than 50 meters, "where would we go now if there was a siren, who goes where, what about Emma...". It was nerve racking, but I had to answer each time. Then while trying to put Azriel down for a nap, the siren went off 2 different times, and each time, after taking him abruptly from his bed to go to the sealed room (the "BBR", Booboom room) I had to start fresh trying to get him to sleep. After two tries, I finally put his mattress in the BBR, and there he took his nap. I think we'll put Shifra's mattress there, too, and they'll sleep there for Shabbat. It is so hard to wake everyone up in the middle of the night, like we had to do last night.

My nerves are getting a bit worn, even though I am doing pretty well keeping it together. Noises again are crazy exaggerated, and I am feeling depressed. I am feeling depressed. And sore, but that's not new.

Shabbat Shalom from Be'er Sheva, and may we all have G-d's protection.


  1. Moshe and I were joking about coming to visit this Shabbat...


    Wishing you good spirits and peaceful nights.

  2. So glad to see an update from you. Was just watching the news and thinking about you.

    Sounds like moving the little ones' mattresses to the BBR is a good choice; a little more peace for all of you.

    I hope that you all have peace in your region soon.

  3. Oooops. Posted that last comment from my dh's account. Sorry.