Thursday, January 15, 2009

life these days...

It was so nice to have special guests come today to play with the kids. It is the 3rd week home with schools closed because of the war, and I am starting to despair with all the TV watching and computer games going on. I just can't play something or read something to them all the time. So, when these friends came this morning with the express purpose of playing with the kids, it felt so good. We had an "unplugged" morning. Shifra got to make beaded bracelets (which I am wearing) and play Barbies (girly stuff), and the boys got to play a few board games. Usually we all have to choose between which kids get to play with a parent; girly games or boys stuff. So this was such a treat. Thanks, B & I!! We'll do it again. :-)

Our regular babysitter didn't come this week because she has never had chicken pox and can't risk getting it in adulthood. She will get the vaccine soon. So, 4 children with no school, one is a three-year-old with chicken pox, no babysitter, and a war with random air-raids ....welcome to my life!

I gotta call Dorit and start up the lymphatic treatment & reflexology again. A friend left a note on my blog about that, and it's true I haven't gone to her in the same three weeks. We are all so immobilied feeling, that the 1/2 hour drive to her felt unsafe to do. But, I have decided to continue on as normal as possible. I really need the treatment- I feel the fullness of the swelling in my thigh, and need to get "drained". Also, I often feel so good after I leave from her house. I'm going to call her today.

I'm very tired from having Azriel smush himself up to me all night. He is suffering, and I know he needs me, but I am not sleeping enough. Wazi flatly refuses to sleep in his own bed. I even bought him the cutest new flannel sheets to encourage him, but instead he wants to take the new comforter up to our bed. :-/ Along with Blue Doggie, of course. We are parents who hardly ever take kids into bed with us. If they need us, we usually will stay with them in their beds until they fall asleep, then creep out. But with the air-raid sirens and the chicken pox, Azriel has just decided that he will not be alone, no matter what. Easy to understand, right?

And the path keeps winding....

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