Monday, January 26, 2009

She's better today!

Shifra is much better today. Thank the Good Lord for inspiring man to create antibiotics!!!!!!!! Today her body pain is gone, she's walking (and even did a little Shiffy dance for me) and more alert, no fever. Thank you, Gd!!!!

Now I am her personal body rubbing slave. Please rescue me from captivity. We had a long, mostly sleepless night slathering calamine lotion, taking an oatmeal bath at 4am, and swatting at a **&*%@# mosquito flying around her head. If I had a shotgun, that mosquito would be so splattered into a large hole in the wall. But, the light bulb in her room burned out while we were looking to try to kill it. The mosquito was evil incarnate, of that I'm sure. I couldn't make up this scenario if I tried.

She is itching something crazy. It is the worst case I could imagine. Every centimeter on her back, front, private parts, ears, scalp... you name it. Face, too. She is a strawberry, but at least not swollen. Her lymph glands are down this morning, after only one dose of antibiotics. Thank Gd. She'll get the Augmentin (antibiotic) 2X/day for 3 days.

It'll pass. And I'm getting on a bus soon to J'm for the MRI. Cousin Sara is here to be with Shifra. I wish I didn't have to go, but you know... I've been waiting to have this evaluation for what , 6 months now?

Gonna sleep on that bus.

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