Friday, February 6, 2009

Searching for quiet of mind & body. I never did like rollercoasters.

Waking up this morning was such a bracha (blessing). I was gratefully reminded of my safe reality after a way-too-vivid dream of getting kidnapped by Palestinians. It was a trauma dream, to say the least.

No MRI results today. My doctor isn't in. Hopefully on Sunday. I am not doing so well with the patience thing, or finding inner quiet to wait without seeing those images in my head from the disk of the MRI. I think it is irresponsible to give the patient the disk with no evaluation write-up. Do they do that in America, too?

The mezzuzot are now in the store for checking. All except the outer door ones, and when we get the inner ones finished checking/fixing then we'll rotate them to the outer doors (2) and have those checked, too. Ya'akov is still sick, but not wheezing anymore, thankfully. He has a low-grade fever and cough. Oh, and this'd be a good place to add that this morning, after I woke up from the kidnapping, there was a drip-drip-drip sound from the ceiling in our room (master bedroom, which is the renovated attic... the roof is our ceiling). We now have to deal with a leaky pipe problem in our walls. It's Friday, and it'd cost triple to get someone to come fix it urgently, so we turned off the water and will have the repairman on Sunday. Yup, waiting on those mezzuzot to get checked...

I feel like so many decisions ride on the MRI results; if I'll do the reconstruction surgery that I hope to do, if I'll need any sort of surgery or procedure to take care of the thigh problem, basically how to proceed to the next step of recovery, please Gd. It's a hard place to be, and today I am not doing so fabulously with it.

I am depending on the healing powers of Shabbat to comfort and soothe this disquieted mind.

Shabbat Shalom


  1. I've never had an MRI, but I would be surprised if they gave me the images without any explanation. Actually, I'd be surprised to get the images at all. Usually you just have to let the doctor tell you what they feel like explaining, without any chance to see the details for yourself. I hope you get interpretation soon, and that it's news you can work with!

  2. I agree with Aimee. I'd bet they do not give any images out here. I pray for peace for you as you await the results and make your decisions.