Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's been one of those days

I slept many many hours today; late into the morning, and a long afternoon nap, almost until Shabbat was over. And I am exhausted. And very defeated feeling.

Frazzled, feeling the pressure of Pesach coming, and knowing that I won't have any direction for diagnosis for the leg pain (if there is any diagnosis) until at least two weeks after Pesach. They said that once they get the test results file (I'm really grateful to have the help to get it there!), it'll be about 3 weeks until I am contacted to have an appointment. They will go over my file at a team meeting, and then the secretary will get in touch with me to make an appointment. I'm giving it a month because of the Pesach break in the middle. I don't feel optimistic that any answers will be found. That's just how I feel today. It doesn't make it truth, but sometimes stuff feels defeating. It comes, it goes.

I have to go to bed, been fighting a headache all day. Taking Advil on a regular basis just sort of saps the energy out of me.

I don't have the regular optimistic air to end on here. Sorry. It's just not happening some days.


  1. You know sometimes when you are so tired that you have to sleep a lot even when you're awake you feel exhausted and slow. Hopefully after a couple good days of rest you will feel better again and able to have some hope. Happy Pesauch (whatever that is - can't see to tell how to spell it). :)

  2. OK. I had to go google Pesach in case I was being offensive by saying Happy Pesach. I now realize it's Passover. I can't imagine having to do all the cleaning for Passover that you do. I also didn't realize that you clean in preparation for Passover. Just knew about the Passover meal and it's representation. It exhausts me just thinking about it. My kids spill things EVERYWHERE and lets just face it, my house is never all clean at once.

  3. It is ok to not be ok sometimes.

    Hope you feel better after a good night's rest.