Monday, March 30, 2009

File got to Ichilov, and another diagnosis

With very special thanks to BD, the file with all my tests is now in the right hands, to Dr. Bikels' secretary. Whew... I am so relieved that went OK and it's done. I just have to wait now until they call me after the team consultation/discussion ("diyyun tzevt"). I was told to expect that to be about 3 weeks, but as I said before, it may be a while longer because of Passover coming in a few weeks. [Sandra- here I wrote it in English- I didn't even realize it was in Hebrew in my last post; it is so familiar to me, my brain crosses over sometimes without telling me.]

I got something just today that should be included in the file, but it is just a paper, so I can fax it to them. It is the evaluation from the CT I did 10 days ago. Prof. Bikels said he doesn't really need to read the evaluation reports, because he is the one who writes them. But, I'll send it anyway, and they can ignore it if they want. The report says that the findings are "sacroiliitis", an inflammation of the hip joint with the lower back. They report it to be in the "medium to advanced" stage. I'm not sure how I feel about that; so far the sites I've seen about it all say that it is one reason for lower back pain, with hip pain being secondary. I don't have lower back pain, particularly. Here is some of the stuff I read on the net:
Mayo clinic: ,
another one with a diagram here:
It can be caused after a trauma to the region, or by an infection. It may have an enclosed sac of infection, unless I am not understanding it entirely, which is entirely possible.
All the websites say that it is painful to walk and creates a very limited range of motion.
The report also points out the atrophy in my thigh muscles. But I knew that already.

Anyway, I'll just have to wait and see what the team at Ichilov says.

In any case, I have an appointment tomorrow with my family doctor to get a perscription for a stronger pain killer. The three Advils I take a few times a day just aren't doing it anymore.

This morning I was at the OT clinic at Soroka for a follow-up on my pressure garment. Same thing as three months ago when I was last there; parts of the scar still active, pressure garment stretched too much, another few hundered shekels to order another. Dorit (OT, as opposed to the Dorit, PT; lymphatic massage ) said I'd need the garment with the prosthetic pillow until I do the reconstruction surgery. I knew that already, also.

It's going to be OK... but it seems like each test shows another diagnosis. It is very hard with all these random diagnoses flying around. I look forward to a time, hopefully in the near future, that there will be a clear diagnosis, a treatment plan, and healing. I still plan on doing the reconstruction surgery as my last step in recovery, but in it's own time.


  1. Don't let this latest information get you down. One thing I learned when my husband was sick was that these "interesting" cases take a while to diagnose and medicine is really an art, not a science as they will tell you. There are so many things that aren't just obvious and that take a while to diagnose. Just think of it as one more piece of the puzzle for them to use to get the big picture. Oh, my husband's doctor said "you never want to be an interesting patient". LOL. Focus on yourself through Passover and try to let the doctors look at the medical point of view (I know you *have* to advocate for yourself). You've had to do a lot to get this ready for them. Now take some time to relax and do your Passover activities.

  2. Hey, Sarah,
    Way to go for getting all the tests to Ichilov! You are trumping the system at its own bureaucratic game. I pray that you will find time to rest with family and friends during Pesach, and that soon you WILL be on a straight path to health.
    Love, Miriam