Monday, July 20, 2009

Puppet on a string

Yet another call from Bikels' office this morning, the surgery date is changed. Something about getting the operating theater at the time that this specific surgeon can be available for me... Anyway, now the surgery is scheduled for August 5th, 9 days later than previously planned. I go into the hospital August 4th for pre-op stuff and a day's worth of Vanvomycin IV's, and the surgery is scheduled for the 5th.

They pull a string and I go this way, and everyone makes plans. They pull another string and I go that way, and everyone has to scramble to change plans. My parents have plane reservations based on the surgery being on the 27th. That will cost real money to change. Hotel reservations are more expensive in August all over the country. I will now miss the wedding of a former babysitter of ours, and good friends of our family. It will be harder to try to get away for a few days or a week in August now that I will need to recover for 9 days later than planned. But, nothing can be done about it.

The surgery date is set, the surgeon is set, and it is what it is. I will be nine days more ready now. (and nine more days fed up with pain. That makes me even more ready, right?)


  1. Jackie Pellegrino, Oct98July 21, 2009 at 12:58 AM

    You will be VERY ready, and I will think only good thoughts that this, too, is meant to be. Hugs from Pennsylvania!

  2. Wow, things change so quickly in your life, I don't read the blog for one day and I'm in the dartk! It really is bashert that you will have your surgery on a later date. We don't understand, we can only continue doing what Hashem asks of us. And maybe a little more. \

    Sarah, it was great to see you this morning! Love, Miriam