Friday, October 16, 2009

Gratitude merging with the shock

OK. I am OK. My glass is half full, not half empty.

My doctor today basically told me there are no medicines she would recommend for the migraines. They are all cousins to the one I am allergic to, and she also said that I am "not a candidate for more medicines". And she's right. She recommended for me to go to alternative medicine; acupuncture, and homeopathy. Then, talking to my SIL later today, she recommended an interesting sounding therapy called "Neuro-feedback". I'll check into it.

She said the sleeping hours is still within normal limits taking into account my history, that she's not worried yet. And she also told me that sleeping all day after a car accident is good. She was not at all concerned.

I saw the other car today; the one my car's left side went on top of yesterday. I hadn't seen it yesterday. It is a *mess*. It is a "tender", a pick-up truck with a covered back part, and it is really bad. The wheel well is completely ripped out from the axle, and the side fender is severely crumpled. And my little Clio may be totaled, we don't yet know for sure. Anyway, we don't have the insurance to fix it, so either it costs $1000 or less, or we sell it to a junk yard for parts. It's also a mess.

But after seeing the two cars today, I realized it is pretty amazing that I don't have as much as a scratch. All the other stuff... it's just heaps of metal. And, of course, money.

I am OK, my kids are great (bli eyen hara), my husband is loving and giving. Actually my husband is very wiped-out and drained, mostly from the problems with his father's declining health, and also because I am such a darn trouble maker. Life isn't easy here at "Chez Klein", but we have our health (well, yeah, we're still working on me, but you know what I mean).

Shabbat Shalom, with lots of healing rest for all of us.


  1. Kol hakavod Sarah, for feeling gratitude for the good things in your life, after such a traumatic accident -- and traumatic last couple of years. Of course you're exhausted. You've just undergone major surgery necessitated by two years of disability. Give your self the time you need to heal, and maybe take taxis for while!

  2. look at how relatively quickly you're able to bounce back from this car incident in terms of your emunah and outlook. It just shows how far your healing has come!
    XXXOOO devorah b. :-)