Thursday, October 15, 2009

I crunched Kermit

I don't understand how it happened, but I just rammed another car today. I AM OK. Emotionally quite shaken up, but no physical damage, praise the Good, Merciful Lord. It was my neighbor's parked car, and it was on my left. I went into it, and then swerved to the right to get off his car. Both cars are quite damaged. Thank Gd again that there wasn't anyone on the right as I swerved to get off of the neighbor's car.
We don't have comprehensive insurance on Kermit because it is an 11 year old car, so fixing it comes out of our pocket. Fixing our neighbor's car is covered by our insurance. Thankfully, we have very good relations with these neighbors, and everything is honest and they are treating us well.

I think either I had a dizzy spell, or ...I don't know what. Last night I had a really bad migraine after I returned from Jerusalem. I took quite a few meds to try to sleep because the pain was so bad. I don't know if that still effected me this morning. I was just headed out to Dorit, for my first lymphatic/reflexology treatment in a few months. The accident was just 5 houses away from us, I hadn't picked up any speed yet, thankfully.

My outer thigh bone (Bursitis site) and Gapey are sore, because the seat belt connector is right there. No bleeding or any sign of damage, though. The seat belt constantly bothers me, since the NF. It attaches together pressing on the wound site. I often try to hold it away, but I don't think that had anything to do with what happened this morning.

I am inordinately tired now- lots of crying and shock. I am going to sleep. So much for my hope to make challot and pizza tonight. I wanted it to be my first time back. With the help of Gd, we'll aim for next week.

Please don't call me today, I need to rest, and I don't feel conversational.


  1. Most importantly you are okay. Take it easy today, rest and nap, tomorrow is a new day.


  2. I'm glad you are OK. Cars can be fixed. Rest and take care of yourself.

    Beth -- oct98